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I just compiled ps1 to exe.. now i need to update some more codes... need to convert .exe to ps1 format.. Could you guys please help me for this? · Hi Anoop, what tool did you use for converting it? 7zip can sometimes be used to open the .exe and extract the ps1. Other than that, you need to decompile it and hope you get lucky. Don't throw away your. Powershell Studio 2020 Built 5.7.181: Operating system: Windows 10 PowerShell version(s): 5.0 Hello, I have seen that you were able to decompile an exe for another user. The Exe was made in former times with Powershell Studio 2012. Would you also be able to decompile this exe for me? Thanks a lot in advanc Decompile EXE. Post by ronwojnar » October 17th, 2017, 9:20 pm. Product, version and build: PowerShell Studio 2017, v5.4.136 32 or 64 bit version of product: 64 bit Operating system: Windows 10 Enterprise 32 or 64 bit OS: 64 bit PowerShell Version: Recently I stumbled upon an executable that appeared to be a PowerShell script converted into an executable. I was curious to the actual script so I decided to have a look and see how I could convert the executable back into PowerShell. Having seen similar techniques to turn vb scripts and java jar's into executables [

After some googling I found that there is Windows command line utility HH.exe shipped with Windows operating system which can decompile the .CHM files to HTML using some command line options. So I wrapped up the commands into a Powershell function, like belo Decompiling applications written in managed environments Decompiling.Net apps is also done with debuggers and decompilers for.Net like Reflector, for example (which is actually paid from some time on). But the exe or dll you see on your desktop is intermediate, not binary code (assuming you do not use NGen) Decompile .NET assemblies to C#. dotPeek is a free-of-charge standalone tool based on ReSharper's bundled decompiler. It can reliably decompile any .NET assembly into equivalent C# or IL code.. The decompiler supports multiple formats including libraries (.dll), executables (.exe), and Windows metadata files (.winmd)

The EXE includes all stuff that is needed to execute an PowerShell through the .NET object model. To use the PS2EXE tool, download it and extract the zip file contents into a folder on your hard. PS2EXE-GUI is a tool that gives you a GUI for converting a PowerShell script to an EXE file. All you really need is the script and an icon for the EXE to use. Getting an icon is super easy so pick something that suits your script, and then download and run PS2EXE-GUI. In the Source field, select the script that you want to convert to an EXE Using .NET Decompiler, I am able to see and identify the function used to encrypt the database password. (be it .exe or .dll extension). For example, an encrypted database password is found in a configuration file. Powershell could be used in conjunction with .NET Reflection API to invoke methods directly from the imported assemblies.

How can i conver .exe to ps1 for updating some more codes

  1. Powershell.exe virus is one of the most dangerous viruses, then keep reading to find more information. What Is Powershell.exe Virus? To begin with, you need to know what Powershell.exe is. The genuine Powershell.exe file is a critical part of the Windows system and it is located in a subfolder of C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\
  2. Then the least known Visual Studio project type, the EXE project, is for you! In Visual Studio you can open any EXE as a 'project'. Just go to File->Open->Project/Solution and browse to the .exe file. Like you would if it was a.sln file. Visual Studio will then open that EXE as a project. This feature has been around for a long time
  3. Yes, you can decompile the .exe file and get the source code in three ways as I know (and maybe possible in other ways too :) ) Here is a step by step way to.

One can simply decompile the script with the parameter -extract ILSpy is one of the best decompilers. However it is missing some of the features that other more scary decompilers have like: - decompile assemblies into C# projects/solution - debug assemblies while showing decompiled code (and editable code with edit and continue) - very easy to set breakpoints After some research I found that there is Windows command line utility HH.exe shipped with Windows operating system which can decompile the .CHM files to HTML using some command line options. So I wrapped up the commands into a Powershell function, like belo Powershell is a commandline interface into the .net framework for Windows. So the majority of reversing powershell is just getting an understanding on how to access the .net code base and decompiling it into readable format It encapsulates the script with a lightweight PowerShell host written in C# and compiles the dynamically generated C# source code in memory to an EXE file. The resulting EXE is an .NET assembly that contains the source script encoded in Base64. The EXE includes all stuff that is needed to execute an PowerShell through the .NET object model

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  1. Intro I've been asked the question on How can I turn my script to an exe-file more times than I can remember. My answer has always been: -Just host Windows PowerShell in an executable and run what ever code you like. Scared of using C# most people has ignored my advice and used some kind of tool to do this, and there is no fault in that (as long as you choose a tool from a.
  2. PowerShell.exe -EncodedCommand Parameter Examples. As I mentioned in the Parameter section of this guide, the -EncodedCommand parameter is used to specify the Base64encoded string version of a command.. In this example, I will show how to run the command, 'Get-Childitem c:\program files' in base-64-encoded string. To convert the command to a base-64-encoded string, use the steps below
  3. The EXE includes all stuff that is needed to execute an PowerShell through the .NET object model. It is based on classes in the namespace System.Management.Automation that reperents the PowerShell engine. - Therefore the EXE file is not a real standalone EXE file. It needs PowerShell to be installed!!
  4. To compile a PowerShell script: Open the script in PowerGUI Pro Script Editor, On the Tools menu, click Compile Script, Then specify the name and path for the exe file you want to create: The additional options you get are: Show or hide the PowerShell Console window when executing the script
  5. Converting a PowerShell script into an EXE file is a simple process. Decompiling the EXE back to a PS file is not as easy, but because this is doable, you have to make sure you don't store passwords in your PowerShell script. Keep the source files in a secure location, as it is much easier to make changes when you have the PowerShell code (for.
  6. Download Decompiler for free. Binary executable decompiler. Decompiler reads program binaries, decompiles them, infers data types, and emits structured C source code. Designed with a pluggable architecture, it currently has: - support for x86, 68k, PowerPC processors (partial support for Arm, Mips, Sparc, Z80, m6502, PDP-11) - support for EXE, Elf, AmigaOS Hunk executable formats - support for.
  7. When PowerShell detects oldie but goodie command-line tools such as nslookup, ipconfig, and net, the parser fires up an on-the-spot Cmd.exe instance and gives temporary control to those programs.. Let's use a practical example to illustrate. On my system, I use the free and open-source 7-Zip utility for my file archiving and expansion needs. 7-Zip includes a command-line utility named.

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  1. IntelliJ IDEA Java decompiler wrapper script for PowerShell - fernflower.ps
  2. The process of analyzing, editing or modifying files is known as Reverse engineering. Please remember that it is not always possible to decompile the exe file but using tools like ollydbg or x64dbg you can decompile the file. Tutorial on how to edit exe file using ollydbg is shown below
  3. I don't have the source code for the project but exe and dll files only (a few dll files in bin folder and 3 exe files, a few .resx files, .asmx files and web config outsides of the bin). After searching through the google, I understand that I need to used the reflector tools to decompile the code and reflexil plugin to change the code
  4. Just go to File->Open->Project/Solution and browse to the.exe file. Like you would if it was a.sln file. Visual Studio will then open that EXE as a project. This feature has been around for a long time
  5. Once you have identified a module that requires decompilation, you can right-click on the module and select Decompile Source to Symbol File. This action creates a symbol file containing decompiled source which in turn permits you to step into 3 rd party code directly from your source code

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  1. Adding quotes around the domain name also allows it to be decoded with PowerShell.exe using the -EncodedCommand parameter without having to encode it with a command such as Write-Output: powershell.exe -encodedCommand JwBtAGkAawBlAGYAcgBvAGIAYgBpAG4AcwAuAGMAbwBtACcA 1 powershell.exe -encodedCommand JwBtAGkAawBlAGYAcgBvAGIAYgBpAG4AcwAuAGMAbwBtACc
  2. Yes, indeed you can. There are a few Decompilers available for this very purpose. Examples of these are CodeReflect, and JustDecompile. However, you should be aware that if this is industrial code, or closed source, the source code will be obfusca..
  3. Identifying an EXE packer is a key part of software analysis. You may need to do it for reverse engineering or analysis of a malicious code. So here are some free, portable tools that can help you in identifying an executable file packer: PEiD. This is the most well known and widely used tool for detecting packers, cryptors and compilers for PE.
  4. Apparently a decompiler for DOS Basic executables already exists. Going by examples from that page, quite a lot of the code can be recovered. I guess it used some form of P-code, or there was some additional metadata. Descriptions of the decompiler's error messages can give some hints about various functions implemented by the Basic runtime
  5. On the AnyRun analysis, we can see that cmd did launch C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c powershell -nop -w hidden -encodedcommand where a Base64 command was parsed to PowerShell. AnyRun records the command line, so let's have a look into this. You can see the AnyRun anlysis here. PowerShell Analysis: Stage
  6. The main blocker is not being able to choose which version of powershell to run is rough. Need Powershell 7 support or just to be able to point the Run Configurations at the Powershell 7 exe. Thanks for the plugin! If you manage to get Powershell 7 in Run Configs happy to change to a
  7. ute, more if you have Process Monitor running), so it'll show a progress dialog. By specifying the -SetCurrent parameter we will store the database as the current global database, for the current session. . Many of the commands in the module take a.

Decompile referenced assemblies in a Visual Studio project. Supported Visual Studio versions: 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 UPDATE: Microsoft continues to work with partners and customers to expand our knowledge of the threat actor behind the nation-state cyberattacks that compromised the supply chain of SolarWinds and impacted multiple other organizations. Microsoft previously used 'Solorigate' as the primary designation for the actor, but moving forward, we want to place appropriate focus on the actors behind. I made project in C# 2005 but I want to prevent decompiling the exe file. I know there are many tools to decompile the exe file to sln or source file and I want to prevent it. How can I do that? Thanks. Posted 26-Jan-10 23:23pm. dabbourabd. Updated 26-Jan-10 23:50pm CPallini. v3

VB Decompiler is an advanced tool that can decompile programs (EXE, DLL, or OCX) written in Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 and disassemble programs based on.NET technology Convert a PowerShell Module (*.psm1) into a Windows .NET Assembly (*.dll) Convert a PowerShell Module into a Windows .NET Assembly (*.dll) The DLL is protected and it is very hard to decompile it (obfuscation and encryption). PASSWORDS. Passwords or confidential data are no longer visible in plain text I compiled the script which I obtained from the original exe from running the exe with the -extract option and specifying a destination; of course what is extractable would be defined in the C# code. So this doesnt prove anything yet. I re-compiled the code using all ps2exe converters online; and then used jetbrains to decompile each exe Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for ILSpy

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  1. EDIT: I just tried decompiling using the Exe2Ahk utility and it did not work for me. However, I was able to extract the script from an AHK-compliled EXE file using the freeware Resource Hacker:. Overview: Resource Hacker™ is a resource editor for 32bit and 64bit Windows® applications
  2. You can start a PowerShell 2.0 enviroment by using this parameter: -version 2.0 for POWERSHELL.EXE. How easy is it to crack/decompile exe's created with Ps2Exe ? I am uncomfortable about the security implications (internal threats aside, what if someone emails the exe outside the company to a mate!)
  3. Exe to mfa decompiler Exe to mfa decompile

You can package scripts with PowerShell Pro tools using Visual Studio or Merge-Script. Obfuscation. Once scripts have been packaged as a .NET executable, you can take an additional step and obfuscate the executable. This will make it much more difficult for users to decompile your executable and inspect your PowerShell script A Decompiler is a program that helps you to see the source code that was used to built a file or program. A decompiler is used to see the code that makes a DLL file work in readable form. If you ever opened a DLL file without decompiler (Opening it with text editor like notepad) will resulted you unreadable characters

dotPeek: Free .NET Decompiler & Assembly Browser by JetBrain

Run Linux binaries from the Windows Command Prompt (CMD) or PowerShell using wsl <command> (or wsl.exe <command>) This blog post is an informal analysis of RYUK ransomware (MITRE T1486) and Trickbot.There have already been many professional write-ups on RYUK, including FireEye, CrowdStrike, Malwarebytes, Cyberreason, and CheckPoint. In the last 90 days, RYUK has been detected in 14 States across the USA and has been labeled the Threat of the Quarter by Center of Internet Security Download Link : https://www.jetbrains.com/decompiler/download/Download Website Using HTTrack Website Copier : https://youtu.be/oUCC20S22V

Decodes scripts encoded with screnc.exe. Usable with ' Wscript by dragging an encoded script onto this one. If done ' this way, only the first 100 lines (or so) of the script ' will be displayed. ' If run using Cscript.exe the entire output will be ' displayed Chocolatey is software management automation for Windows that wraps installers, executables, zips, and scripts into compiled packages. Chocolatey integrates w/SCCM, Puppet, Chef, etc. Chocolatey is trusted by businesses to manage software deployments Because decompiling .net is very easy most .net code is protected or obfuscated. So in order to use any of the tools suggested in the answer you must remove this protection (if present) first. - Remko Mar 20 '13 at 19:38. Support for .dll, .exe, .zip, .vsix, .nupkg, and .winmd files all fair points, but my requirement wasn't for 'true' executable. There was some other tool mentioned here that also obfuscated code with run-time encryption. I'd rad about it before reading it here, tho. In the end, I just needed the portability of an EXE and the ability to include multiple '.' sourced files

I'm interested in knowing if there is a better way to decompile an Access database front-end file, that's easier to start, than to go to RUN and browse for Access.exe, then tag it with \decompile at the end, then choose the file with Browse, etc etc. etc 1 / Open Winrar and click on the Wizard button 2 / Then select Create a new archive 3 / Browse to your folder content and select all files and folder you need and then OK 4 / Type the name you want to give to your exe They both follow the same syntax mostly except you use -extract to decompile .arc files and -database to decompile .arz files. 1) Open the root GD installation folder and in an empty space hold Shift and right-click the mouse. Select Open PowerShell window here from the context menu Now the goal is to simply compile c:\temp\cmd_exec.cs to a DLL using the csc.exe compiler. Even if you don't have Visual Studio installed, the csc.exe compiler ships with the .NET framework by default. So, it should be on your Windows system somewhere. Below is a PowerShell command to help find it If the WiseScript exe isn't that big have you tried open it with ex. notepad as you may find some useful information from that. To extract files from the WiseScript EXEs if not prevented in some how isn't the switch /x or /c? Powershell script to check C: drive has 20GB free space

Link of Software :https://www.jetbrains.com/decompiler/download/#section=web-installerIf you face any problem you can ask me in comments or at program.codes... CanSecWest 2017 | .NET Hijacking to Defend PowerShell 17 DECOMPILING .NET BINARIES Can easily be decompiled & disassembled Tools rely on disassembling the IL code and reconstructing the C# code based on the metadata definition original function names function offsets membership to parent classes Tools dotPeek dnSpy ILspy De4dot ILAsm.exe.

Extract Icon from File Using PowerShell The following PowerShell code can be used to extract an icon from a file. Setting it up is fairly easy but associating an program with a button does not extract the icon from the executable. In addition, it can also export to a different size. Install the app manually if it's an msi and then extract the icon file from the resultant exe to store in the. you cannot call methods that accept embedded WMI objects. If PowerShell is not available though, it is good enough for performing reconnaissance and basic method invocation. wmic.exe is still used commonly by pentesters and attackers. wbemtest.exe wbemtest.exe is a powerful GUI tool that was designed primarily as a diagnostic tool. It is able t .exe that will function on any system on which powershell has been installed. That might be useful, however, I suspect that it would, ultimately, reproduce the original script to feed it to powershell.exe. If the purpose is the security of the code, then the fact that the original script is being regenrated might mean open it up to some sort.

Tool to extract images from RenPy games' .rpa files. Use the three D's to use: 1. Download. 2. Drag .rpa file on rpaExtract.exe. 3. Done. To do this on macOS (aka Mac OS X), watch this video.. Additional video guides Hello, Sadly I lost my Python script files, and only left is the Python script compiled into Executable, I need help to decompile it and retrieve the original source files from the decompiled exe. Thanks. Windows PowerShell Kiosk (Open exe in Kiosk mode) I am looking at running an exe file in Windows Kiosk mode..

After some googling I found that there is Windows command line utility HH.exe shipped with Windows operating system which can decompile the .CHM files to HTML using some command line options. So I wrapped up the commands into a Powershell function, like below. and then extracted the required information using following piece of code. HOW TO RUN You can package scripts with PowerShell Pro tools using Visual Studio, PSPack.exe or Merge-Script. Obfuscation. Once scripts have been packaged as a .NET executable, you can take an additional step and obfuscate the executable. This will make it much more difficult for users to decompile your executable and inspect your PowerShell script

This wikiHow teaches you how to turn your Java source code into an executable app using a local and online compiler. If you're using a computer, the most common way to compile Java code is using Java Software Development Kit (Java SDK) from the command line. If you're using a phone or tablet (or a computer without a compiler), you can use an. Decompile, understand, and fix any .NET code, even if you don't have the source. Download free trial. Introduction to .NET Reflector Look inside any .NET code. Debug your application. Follow bugs through your application to see where the problem is - your own code, third-party libraries, or components used by your application

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How to decompile dll and exe files properly and convert the decompiled code to the correct source code. Software for decompiling. How To Show Empty When I Decompile The Dll Or Exe File? Decoding / decompiling. Protect my C# code from decompiling. Decompiling an obfuscated .NET executable Free-of-charge standalone tool based on ReSharper's bundled decompiler. It can reliably decompile any.NET assembly into equivalent C# or IL code. It can create Visual Studio solutions based on the original binary files in a straight-forward way But decompiling, with dnspy for example, shows us both the missing usage information; And the main functionality: As seen in the decompilation, the application takes a list of text files and runs them as Powershell scripts, bypassing the Constrained Language Mode that applies when running scripts with Powershell.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\MSACCESS.EXE /decompile Then, whenever your database is acting oddly, you can easily launch the decompile version of Access to open your database and decompile it. In a few minutes, you're back up and running with a smaller database PowerShell can't do this by itself but this can be done with PowerShell script. Essentially what you can do is create a simple console EXE program that embeds the script as a resource and the EXE, upon loading retrieves the script and throws it at a PowerShell runspace to execute

The new Intune Win32 app management is a great way to deploy Win32 apps with Microsoft Intune. Imagine you have a kind of source share for all the .intunewin files you have created. At some point in time you like to modify a package but you do not have the source files right now, only the .intunwin package To load a EXE file, go the Opening folder in yellow color, which is shown in a red square in the above screenshot. After loading, you will have the following view where you can change the binaries. dex2jar. This is an application that helps convert APK file (android) to JAR file in order to view the source code Flash Decompiler Trillix is the only application capable of converting SWF to FLA with high speed, high quality and hundreds of additional features. It is the ultimate tool to recover your lost FLA files - being the market leader since 2003! Decompile SWF files and obtain source code FLA in seconds It will mess up decompilers output that expect these tokes to be in the standard order. Or shift or enlarge the .reloc section in the PE-header by 0x400. <-I saw that trick @ some old 'conduit'-adwareinstaller. Inserting so fill bytes between the EOF-exe at the start of the script might also do the trick to stop 7-zip and maybe some Antiviruses

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There are two supported paradigms for working with the PowerShell IIS modules: The IIS:\ drive PowerShell provider, which lets you work with IIS as if it were a file system. The task-based helper cmdlets, like New-Website. In fact, if you decompile the cmdlets, most of the cmdlets actually wrap the IIS drive approach CanSecWest2017 | .NET Hijacking to Defend PowerShell 17 DECOMPILING .NET BINARIES Can easily be decompiled & disassembled Tools rely on disassembling the IL code and reconstructing the C# code based on the metadata definition original function names function offsets membership to parent classes Tools dotPeek dnSpy ILspy De4dot ILAsm.exe& ILDasm.exe

So, due to the fact that the powershell executable is run whenever a script is run on the machine, one would have to modify the powershell.exe.config (and/or powershellise.exe.config) files and add the content of the app.config file linked above in order to get powershell to correctly load the Newtonsoft.json.10..3 assembly The VC++ toolset is optional; if present it is used for editbin.exe to modify the stack size used by ILSpy.exe from 1MB to 16MB, because the decompiler makes heavy use of recursion, where small stack sizes lead to problems in very complex methods. Check out the ILSpy repository using git In this blog post I will discuss the steps to use PowerShell, Invoke-CradleCrafter and Microsoft's Certutil.exe to craft a payload and one-liner that can be used to evade the latest version of Windows Defender (as of this writing), as well as tips for not getting caught by Intrusion Detection Systems and behavior analysis

Using Powershell and Reflection API to Invoke Methods from

Powershell Python XML. $27 (Avg Bid) $27 Avg Bid . 8 bids. Bid now . i need on help editing jar file and class java -- 2 6 days left. VERIFIED decompile exe original source code ,. (Experimental; Windows Only) Optional a licensed version of IDA Pro with decompiler support. specify the path to the idaw executable in code → preferences → settings: vscode-decompiler.tool.idaPro.path, e.g. c:\IDA68\idaw.exe

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Decompile-AccessDB -Path C:\Path\to\some.accdb 'This allows you to quickly and easily decompile any db from the power shell command line. 'Note that you still need to hold down the Shift key when you run this to bypass the application startup. This thread is locked If this is the first time you have clicked the button, a package.psd1 file will be created in the current workspace's root. So for example, if you have the folder C:\src\scripts open in Visual Studio Code, the file C:\src\scripts\package.psd1 will be created.. Next, the packaging process will start. The PowerShell Pro Tools Output Pane will be activated and will display log information about. Autoit Exe To Au3; Decompiling the program using Exe2Aut gives us the full original script code along with the embedded encrypted file 1.crypt. The decompiled code has about 2,000 lines; most of the code is from the AutoIt wrapper for WinHTTP functions called WinHTTP.au3. or Powershell. If I get run over by a bus, the next Windows sysadmin. clrinject-cli64.exe -p victim64.exe -a C:PathToinvader64.exe (Inject x64 assembly into x64 process) Injectable assembly example Following code can be compiled as C# executable and then injected into a PowerShell process. This code accessees static instances of internal PowerShell classes to change console text color to green PowerShell is a new generation command line application developed as an alternative to Windows command line cmd.exe and Windows Script Host. The target here will be to collect information over the target Active Directory structure via PowerShell. The purpose of this article is to gather information using Windows features without using tools

How to debug and profile any EXE with Visual Studio

What is a good decompiler for an

The execution of the fake Java installer via the Cybereason user interface shows the spawned cmd.exe and PowerShell downloader: The downloader attempts to download an image file: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C powershell -nop -c iEx Using the tool Exe2Aut, it is possible to decompile it back to the script,. Tim Corey shows us how to prevent your code from being stolen by decompiling your application. Share on Facebook c# decompiler, c# developer questions, c# winforms, c# wpf, decompile c# exe, dev questions, dev questions series, developer questions, how do i, iamtimcorey, learn PowerShell Deep Dive. February 3, 2021; 0; Developer. Compiling Scripts with Aut2Exe. It is possible to take your .au3 script and compile it into a standalone executable; this executable can be used without the need for AutoIt to be installed and without the need to have AutoIt3.exe on the machine. The compilation process converts the script and its #include files, plus any files added by the FileInstall function, into a tokenised form which is.

GitHub - MScholtes/PS2EXE: Module to compile powershell

PowerShell provides easy way of accessing WMI functionality using simple scripting language. Here is how you can monitor for process startup using PowerShell & WMI events. 1. Launch PowerShell and enter following command. This command will register for process started event and prints statement in console whenever notepad.exe is executed Auto PY to EXE The only tool that we are gonna be using is Auto PY to EXE!. Auto PY to EXE is an amazing application for making .exe file out of your project whether it is one .py file or any number of them. The application has a nice gui and looks like this: How to start Step 1 FireEye wrote a great article about PowerShell logging here. As Microsoft already launch Power Shell Core, we also need to consider PowerShell Core (PowerShell 6/7) logging. As a side note, the executable name of PowerShell Core is pwsh.exe and therefore usually co-exists with the original powershell.exe executable The second stage is a PowerShell script that eventually deobfuscates into a downloader and downloads and loads the main PowerShell loader. Compiled HTML files can be easily created using the Windows HTML Help executable program hh.exe. The same program can be used with the command line option -decompile to extract the embedded and.

Compile VBScript to Exe with VbsEdit VbsEdit compiles your VBScript to an Executable (EXE) in Console mode or Windows Mode, 32 bit and 64 bit. You can also customize icons, select UAC level, digitally sign the executables. In VbsEdit, select Convert into executable from the File menu to convert your Vbs to Exe This will bring up the wizard below. It has pre-built converters for TeamViewer, MalwareBytes, Avast, AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials (click the links to see documentation). If you have other EXE based installers, you can select the top option, which is generic EXE-to-MSI conversion, where you select the setup files and enter unattended switches for this product BSidesSF 2017 | .NET Hijacking to Defend PowerShell 17 DECOMPILING .NET BINARIES Can easily be decompiled & disassembled Tools rely on disassembling the IL code and reconstructing the C# code based on the metadata definition original function names function offsets membership to parent classes Tools dotPeek dnSpy ILspy De4dot ILAsm.exe & ILDasm.exe We have also noticed the use of PS2EXE to convert PowerShell scripts into executables, with the original PowerShell code embedded as a Base64-encoded string. In other cases, we have noticed a preference for using PowerShell Reflective DLL injection to deploy Metasploit Stageless Meterpreters. They use both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions Signtool.exe will be in the folder<sdkpath>\bin\<version>\<platform>\signtool.exe. As there are multiple version of Windows 10 there are multiple version of the SDK and you can install those concurrently. But then I found the PowerShell cmdlet Resolve-Path which Resolves the wildcard characters in a path, and displays the path contents decompiling Java and Android applications... No task found. Please, upload a java or Android application to decompile

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