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  1. Kiln dried firewood is dried by being placed in a heated chamber at very high temperatures which removes water. The kilns used have been adapted from lumber drying kilns so they can dry firewood much quicker. These firewood kilns usually will reach 160 degrees with some reaching over 200 degrees
  2. With more than 20 years of experience in firewood delivery throughout Rockland and Bergen Counties, hundreds of satisfied customers trust us year after year to keep their loved ones warm. We offer online ordering so you can buy firewood for your home or business 24 hours a day seven days a week
  3. Another valuable feature of Stevens Kiln Dried Firewood is where it is sourced. We source this firewood in the PREMIUM SPECIES HARDWOOD RICH North Central Pennsylvania. You will find Desireable HICKORY, BEECH, MAPLE, BIRCH, and others in the mix !!! And now we have Silver Birch and Oak all the way from LITHUANIA!!!
  4. NJ & NYC Delivery Denny Wiggers delivers firewood to New York & Northern NJ: Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County, Hudson County. Learn More Cooking Wood Let firewood from Denny Wiggers become another ingredient in your secret recipe. Wood that cooks with flavor. Learn More Wood Rack
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Hardwood Bros Firewood means kiln dried, locally harvested firewood that our trusted handlers deliver straight to your door. Our products endure a rigorous heat treatment process which achieves ideal moisture contents that sit between 8%-18% depending on species density We only sell 100% Kiln-dried firewood. Our firewood IS the BEST Firewood in the North-East. We Have Northern White Birch and Hickory Back In Stock!! We do not sell seasoned, mixed blend, or any other kind of firewood which may or may not be immediateley burnable and may or may not carry mold, termites, carpenter-ants or other creepy-crawlies

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  2. Cutting Edge Firewood has the most rigorous drying process in the industry, we kiln dry our wood for 48 hours at 250 degrees, 12 times longer than the USDA standard. We also make it easier than ever before to order and receive firewood
  3. Find out why kiln dried firewood is so much better then green or seasoned wood, and why it will save you money and keep your house warmer. For several years a local maple syrup producer would put up 20 to 25 cords of wood a year to heat his home. By the end of the winter I would sell him 2-5 cords of logs to help him get through the winter
  4. Never run out of top-quality supplies with easy online ordering serving most of Bucks and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. You get: A cart of premium kiln dried firewood (6 cu ft). A bundle of reclaimed kindling. A 10 pack of all-natural firestarters. Use of our mobile wood cart and cover for 2 months. Schedule a date and time for your first.

Drive Thru Kiosk is open 24 hours a day. At our location in Hillsborough, we have one of the best selections of firewood in New Jersey. Whatever type of wood you need, odds are that we have it and we'll deliver it straight to your home or business anywhere in the Tri-State Area Welcome to the Loyalsock Firewood web site. Our Company manufactures kiln dried firewood that is composed of assorted hardwoods for retail and private use. We are located in Montoursville, Pennsylvania off of State Route 180. At present our facility can dry 80 cords of split firewood weekly To learn more about our firewood deliver and tree services in Bergen County NJ, Passaic County NJ, Essex County NJ, and Morris County NJ, call Trusted Tree Service at (973) 506-6400 today! GET A QUOT

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Kiln dried firewood is guaranteed to burn, every time. With a low moisture content between 10% and 15%, both lighting and burning your firewood will feel like a breeze. On top of being extremely easy to light and burn, kiln dried firewood is energy efficient, which is good for your wallet and your comfort Kiln Dried Firewood. Harvested in Vermont to help stop the spread of invasive insects. 1/4 Cord, 1/2 Cord & Full Cords of Firewood available for delivery. A 1/4 Cord equals approximately 35 bundles of firewood you might purchase at a store Unlike green or seasoned firewood, kiln dried firewood has been dried in a high temperature oven. This not only removes moisture that normally makes firewood hard to light, but also kills fungus and pests in the wood - making it cleaner and last longer than any other firewood available It's been kiln-dried in an industrial oven that has been purpose built for drying firewood only. Depending on the species of wood, we have custom programs that not only eliminate molds and fungus that thrive on wood, but dry it to a point of almost zero moisture. Seasoned firewood is supposed to contain less than 15% moisture content The secret to our success is our premium wood is Kiln Dried at 260 degrees. We use the latest technology and a computer controlled gas fired kiln to remove the moisture from out premium wood. The result is perfect firewood every time

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  1. Kiln-dried firewood means our wood is bug, mold, and disease free! Place Your Order for Wisconsin Firewood Today! Here at Best Burn Firewood we service South Eastern Wisconsin and Waukesha County with certified kiln-dried firewood. We guarantee you that our 100% Wisconsin firewood will burn stronger than any other companies' firewood
  2. This wood has been treated in a dehumidifying heating apparatus called a 'kiln'. A firewood kiln dries wet wood (green, seasoned) to dry wood (kiln dried) allowing it to burn hotter, brighter, cleaner and longer. Hardwood Bros kiln dried carries a USDA/APHIS certification qualifying them all as disease, pest mold, and mildew free
  3. The largest type FIREWOOD business in America. We are the purveyors of USDA Kiln-Dried, Solar-Kiln Dried and Seasoned Firewood in Dutchess, Ulster, Westchester, Putnam and Orange Counties in NY. We also Service Fairfield County CT! We are considered an essential fuel business and will be open during the Corona virus
  4. Our firewood is clean, well-seasoned, and ready to use. We offer a selection of fine hardwoods for heating and cooking. Wood is available in full and half cords, delivered to your door. See Firewood for Sale page for pricing. We deliver to most towns in North Jersey, including most of Morris, Passaic, Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Sussex countie

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Your source for kiln dried firewood. Kiln Dried 20% or less moisture in all of our kiln dried firewood. We Deliver! We bring the wood to you for a small distance based fee. Bug Free Our kiln drying process kills any bugs or mold in wood! Eco Friendly All of our firewood is harvested using best practices We Strive to Provide Premium Kiln Dried Firewood with Excellent Customer Service. The Cleaner, Safer, Better Firewood Choice. WHY KILN DRIED FIREWOOD? Call LI Wood Heat Inc for Fast Delivery (631) 925-2118. LI Wood Heat is one of Long Island's Largest Kiln Dried Wood Suppliers. Most people think that all wood burns the same Our wood is dried in a dehumidification kiln to temperatures up to 210 degrees. At such high temperatures, most of the water in the wood evaporates, so you get a more intense fire. Why do I need kiln-dried wood? Ordinary seasoned wood has a moisture content of less then 25 percent. Kiln-dried wood has a moisture content of about 6-8 percen This is a review for Firewood in Bergen County, NJ: Transaction was easy - great communication! Delivery was scheduled for just a few days later; some firewood suppliers in the area can take weeks or require you to reserve months in advance. Actual delivery and stacking of firewood took approximately 25 minutes

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Maggdens is located in Bergen county and will also deliver to Passaic, Morris, Essex, and surrounding counties. Maggdens, Home of Rack Firewood Firewood is a year around staple here at Maggdens, located at 387 Paramus Road Paramus, NJ 07652 If you have visited us already, you have seen the many different sized racks to accommodate your. We're proud of the superior kiln-dried firewood and cooking woods we ship directly to customers, or hand-deliver and stack throughout the New York and Connecticut area. For years we've been the trusted source of the best firewood and cooking woods in Connecticut and New York Specializing in Kiln-Dried Firewood My firewood is Certified Heat Treated (MASS/HT/101) and Certified Green. Cut & Split to 16 in length and is harvested in an environmentally sound manner. This wood is ready to burn! Sold by the Pallet (1/2 Cord) delivered to your door or by the bag (.75 Cubic Feet) at these retailers: Alleys General Stor We Now Have Kiln Dried Firewood for a Fuss Free Fire The wood is easy to light, burn, and gets HOT fast. Mix in regular firewood or just burn as is. New for us in 2020 and very popular item

Product pricing. We deliver free to many areas in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. There are some areas with a delivery charge so please see the Delivery Areas page for these areas. We sell in two convenient sizes (full-size and half-size) and will stack your kiln-dried firewood for free.If delivery involves 6 or more stairs, please call 917-593-2149 to order, as there will be. Our wood are dried off the ground and covered for a tenure of 12-18 months plus, making the firewood easy to burn and have a long-lasting fire. Our wood is naturally dried and it burns 4 times longer than Kiln Dried Wood. We offer the fastest deliveries as well as same day delivery upon request Visit us for Kiln Dried Firewood, Mulch, Animal Bedding, and Kiln Dried Lumber. Call Doug at 563-340-6130 or Travis 563-340-3182 to answer all your questions. We look forward to doing business with you Ultra premium kiln dried firewood. Lights easily, burns brighter and longer, with less smoke. Our delivery artisans deliver perfectly stacked firewood to the location of your choice. With our products and expertise, you'll have the best fire experience

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  1. Mourne Firewood Supplies - Leading suppliers of firewood in Newry, Northern Ireland. We stock kiln dried logs, seasonal logs, kindling and firelighters. Call 07801 478 240
  2. gton Firewood - Kiln Dried Firewood Delivery What sets us apart: -We have 2 high-production firewood kilns, allowing us to produce up to 24 cords of kiln-dried firewood daily. -We process firewood at a computer controlled, fully electric outdoor factory, right on the beltway
  3. Lightning Nuggets 2-lb Natural Firestarter (35-Pack). The Lightning Nuggets, Inc. product line has proudly been food grade and toxin free since 1978. The Lightning Nuggets, Inc., product line of fire starters is made from renewable pine wood resource and food grade fully refined paraffin wax (no oils remain so as to be non toxic)
  4. MaggDen's - Firewood & Garden Center provides landscaping and gardening supplies, garden decor, firewood delivery service to NJ, NY, NYC, organic topsoil and mulch delivery, and a cozy gift shop. Call MaggDen's (201) 848-2235 | Follow MaggDen's on Twitte
  5. $225.00 1/2 CORD DELIVERED (ERIE COUNTY) $350.00 1 CORD DELIVERED (ERIE COUNTY) NOTE: STACKING SERVICE AVAILABLE. BUNDLES - 1 full cubic foot kiln-dried firewood. $6.00 EACH PICKED UP Pallet Of Bundles Kiln Dried Firewood Bins SLABWOOD - PICKED UP $20.00 - BIN. Bin of Slabwoo
  6. Air dried firewood. Our traditional drying-out method for the firewood means customers can enjoy better burning blocks with very low moisture content - as little as 15% and guaranteed to be under 20%. We don't kiln-dry, as we prefer to season our wood in a more natural and environmentally-friendly way

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By using seasoned firewood in Bergen county NJ instead of electrical appliances to generate heat, you will be reducing the carbon footprint on this earth. Order the highest quality of seasoned firewood for sale in Northern NJ from NY NJ Firewood. We provide firewood in three different quantities- Bundle, half cord, and full cord Our USDA certified kiln dried firewood is the finest wood on the market, providing easy burning fires and maximum Btu's. We use specialized firewood kilns that monitor and cook the wood in temperatures above 200 deg F. The moisture content of the firewood is then reduced to below 20%, allowing the most efficient, clean burning wood available West End Firewood, P.O. Box 464, Whitinsville, MA 01588 • 508-234-474 Kiln drying is a process that extracts water content from the wood. While traditionally-seasoned firewood retains around 30% of moisture, Kiln-dried firewood has a much lower range, making it a much better material that is capable of; Burning at a far better rate, and for longer, thus saving you money Our Kiln Dried Firewood logs are dried to less than 20% moisture content to ensure a high heat output. The heating value of firewood depends on its water content. Only dried firewood with moisture content up to maximum 20% can release its optimal heat output

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Holmdel Firewood, Holmdel, New Jersey. 458 likes · 5 talking about this · 19 were here. We deal exclusively in cut and seasoned hardwood, and are now specializing in Kiln Dried firewood. We also.. 503-838-0047 - Kiln-dried firewood. Volume discount available. 100% bug-free. Firewood. Moisture content. Kindling Stacking of your firewood includes bringing the wood to the storage area that the client designates on their property. The wood is carted to the area, and stacked neatly in the space. Firewood pieces are stacked in a criss-cross fashion at each end in order to keep the rows neat, acting like book-ends

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425 Goffle Road Ridgewood,NJ 07450 - (201) 652-7540 | info@gofflebrookfarms.co Five Star Firewood and Mulch delivers Premium Kiln Dried Firewood or Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch to your residence in VA, MD, or DC. Click here for Five Star Premium Kiln Dried Firewood. Click Here for Premium Quality Mulch and Topsoil. Click here to visit our online store and complete your purchase online! 703-509-2639. Website Designed at.

Premium firewood delivered through out Fairfield County Our Process for Seasoned Firewood in Fairfield County. You can be confident that we split only premium seasoned hardwoods, which are locally harvested through out Fairfield Country, such as oak, maple and hickory and not have to worry about big, chunky pieces. All our seasoned firewood is. Wood Type: Kiln Dried Species: Mixed Hardwoods (Oak, Maple, Cherry, Birch, Locust, etc.) Length: 15 - 20 Average Width: Approximately 3 x 4 Aged: 48 hours @ 270 Degrees Fahrenheit Measurement: Cord (128 cu. ft. approximately 4' Tall x 4' Wide x 8' Long) Packaging: Loose - Delivered Via Dump Truc Firewood in Grafton, NY. Call LD Forest Products at 518-470-7399 for more information. Cord wood available year-round in Rensselaer County, NY. Kiln dried firewood, Seasoned wood, green wood, timber harvesting, cord, face cord, half face cord, delivery

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We offer the most competitive prices in the industry on 1/6, 1/3, and 1/2 cord deliveries of kiln dried firewood. Offering hand stacking and FREE DELIVERY to most towns in Fairfield County. FREE FIRE STARTERS come with every order of firewood and you'll get a FREE WOOD RACK upon the purchase of your third delivery Kiln-Dried Firewood Bundle (8) Write a Review Questions & Answers . Product Overview. Nature's Choice Kiln-Dried Firewood is composed of oak, a slow and hot burning hardwood. It is USDA certified and pest free with low moisture content. Cleaner than seasoned wood. USDA certified Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale online 24/7. We Deliver to Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY FREE DELIVERY TO FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT We offer FREE delivery of our high-quality INSTANT BURN KILN DRIED FIREWOOD to most towns in Fairfield County, CT. All wood is delivered fast, on time, and hassle- free. We hand stack in the location of your choice - it's best stored in your garage! See below for a [

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About Our KILN DRIED Firewood . We deliver the finest KILN DRIED firewood in Nassau County. Top quality starts from the very beginning. Firewood is Our Year Round Business. Nassau Firewood has 1000's of repeat customers because we are the only full time KILN DRIED firewood company on Long Island. Our only business is producing & selling firewood Get a bundled of kiln dried firewood, coal and firelighters all in one bundled product. All your fuel worries solved. VIEW PRODUCT RANGE. MOFFET MOUNTY FORKLIFT. For Cork county deliveries , please specify on the order form if you require the Moffett Mounty forklift , seen in picture left for any hard to reach areas.. WE ARE NOW OFFERING USDA CERTIFIED HEAT TREATED FIREWOOD! We kiln dry our wood on site to ensure quality. No more worrying about whether the wood you are buying is seasoned or not. Our kiln dried wood is clean, bug and mold free, and guaranteed to burn clean and hot from the day you take delivery. Buffalo Firewood only sells the best quality. Kiln Dried Wood Dry, clean, pest free, and ready to burn right now. We are a full time firewood provider and sell wood year round! Our kiln dried products are under 20% moisture content and are guaranteed to burn

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KILN DRIED; About Us. We've been proudly delivering top quality firewood at honest prices since 1983. Call us today for your home heating needs. Our Address. 300 S Sullivan St. Seattle, WA 98108 Email: weissblw@comcast.net Phone: 206-371-4285. Our kiln dried firewood and naturally dried firewood is stored on concrete to keep the products clean and ready for use. TSL Firewood offers free delivery to most places and guarantees our wood to be clean with little to no debris. Check out the products we have available

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USDA Certified • Heat Treated • Kiln Dried Our high-quality firewood is certified heat treated with the USDA and the NH Department of Agriculture to achieve standards of a minimum wood core temperature of 160° F for 75 minutes. Typically, this is accomplished in the first 8 t Minnesota Firewood is the original and only midwest Restaurant and Home Firewood Delivery Company to supply Bulk Wholesale Red Oak, Birch Logs, Oak Bundles, Racks and BBQ Firewood including - Mesquite, Hickory, Apple and Pecan Cooking Wood Chips to restaurants and homeowners nationwide. Call 800-893-9090 today to orde USDA Certified Kiln-Dried and Premium Seasoned Hardwood Firewood For Pick Up or Delivery We are forest resources professionals bringing you only the highest quality products available. Serving the eastern US, and beyond, with loose or bundled firewood. Place your order today Dry Seasoned Firewood. Your best friend will love you in North Jersey and Rockland County. CONVENIENT Easy online ordering. We make it easy to order and pay for your delivery online. We will deliver the wood pallets to your home and place them in your driveway. LOCAL Serving North Jersey. Our wood warehouse is located in Bergen County and.

Kiln Dried Firewood Our bulk wood is kiln dried oak but at times we may have mixed wood due to supply issues, please call ahead to be sure. Face cords are not available in the 24 hour pick up center, you must call ahead to make an appointment for full face cord pickups Most of our firewood has been split and set out to dry for at least 8 to 9 months. We test the moisture level of it daily with moisture meters to make certain that we do not sell firewood with above 20 percent moisture levels. How to choose your seasoned firewood- Saunders Landscape Suppl

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Kiln-Dried or Seasoned Firewood, Mulch,Chainsaws and more $0 (We Deliver in Dutchess, Ulster, Westchester) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1. $600 (Rockland County) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite this post Mar 13 1/2 cord firewood $100 pic hide this posting restore restore this. Groff & Groff Lumber is a large supplier of Kiln-Dried, Domestic Hardwood and offer imported Exotic Woods to sell. Check out our specials today. We are conveniently located in Quarryville, PA

seasoned & kiln dried hardwood firewood, bulk, bundled, delivery (we're SW of Indianapolis) Forest Commodities Inc 765-259-0923 : Montgomery: IN : seasoned hardwood, cut or split to specifications (mid-south IN) Hawthorne 812-486-5616 : Noblesville: IN : hardwood firewood : Steve Musselman Farms &... Kiln Dried Firewood. Natural Mesquite Charcoal. Seasoned Firewood. Anthracite Coal. Pizza Wood. Wood Chips & Wood Chunks. You can TRUST Fred Stevens Firewood to not only give you the Best Quality Firewood products, but also the Best Service anywhere in Florida. Call Us 7 days a week from 7:00am to 5:00pm. We are here for you. 954-783-9771 Our kiln-dried regular width split is ideal for fireplaces and fire pits. It provides a long, hot burn due to the thicker diameters in the selection. Our standard firewood length is 16-17 inches. It will stack onto a 3X7 foot firewood storage rack

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Kiln-drying alone is not regulated, meaning times and temperatures vary between producers. The process does not necessarily raise the internal temperature of the firewood to 71° C (160° F) for 75 minutes, which is required to be considered heat-treated. Pests & Threats That Can Spread Through Firewood Mixed Deliveries: We can do a mix of different types of firewood down to 1/4 cord per species. For example our most popular order is 1/2 cord dry conifer and 1/2 cord of dry hardwood, either maple or madrona PREMIUM KILN DRIED FIREWOOD. Premium firewood conveniently delivered to your door serving all of life's experiences! Opening at 9:00 AM. Get Quote Call (248) 677-1174 WhatsApp (248) 677-1174 Message (248) 677-1174 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order. Testimonials All WE do is Kiln-Dried, clean, white ash hardwood that we dried in OUR Kiln - WE DONT DO TREES! Kiln-Dried firewood burns beautifully and provides a much higher heat output than anything you have had before. Kiln-Dried wood is clean, well cut, INSECT-FREE and best of all BURNS! - not next season, but this one

NHG produces quality cut, split & delivered firewood, year round. We offer: Green- Season it yourself and save $ Seasoned 9 Months, stored on pavement. Kiln Dried- De Barked, bug free ready to burn! Stump Grinding; Saw Dust; 1 Cord stacked is 4'x4'x8′ = 128 Cubic 1 Cord loaded in our trucks= 200 cubic Customers find Premier Firewood Co. has the most affordable prices and highest quality kiln dried wood for home delivery. Using state of the art equipment, we supply kiln dried wood for sale year round in Fairfield County, CT & Westchester County, NY and areas of NYC Hand Stacked Kiln Dried firewood for sale in Ireland from Dublin Logs offers the highest quality firewood on the market We offer firewood delivery services to Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Litchfield County & Fairfield County! Hauser Firewood. Home. Kiln-Dried Firewood. Details. Delivery. Order. More. Celebrating 50 years of service! Delivery Kiln-dried firewood is near the top of our customer's favorite types of wood to burn. They like the heat that it throws, the life of burn, and how easy it is to start a fire with kiln-dried wood. It's the response we get from our customers that helped us decide to invest in the equipment to dry firewood in a kiln

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Kiln Dried Logs for Sale. We supply kiln dried logs for sale in both bags and large pallets. Our kiln dried firewood contains 20% or less moisture. The logs are 25cm / 10 inches in length with a typical diameter of 5 to 15cm (2 - 6 inches) We supply direct to the domestic customer and also wholesale Logs Online UK - best kiln dried firewood logs supplier. Bulk kiln dried firewood logs for sale at affordable rates. Order now and get straight to your door! The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 0330 0974302 sales@logsonline.co.uk. facebook twitter.

Need Firewood for your outdoor fireplace? Yeah, we got that. Shop Firewood. K&M Services Installation available for mulch and dirt. Kiln Dried Oak Firewood (Price varies with quantity) $0.00. Details. Oak Firewood (Click for pricing) $0.00. Details. Hedge Firewood (Click for pricing) $0.00. Details. Coffee Brown. $44.00 $39.99 We supply only the finest Kiln Dried Firewood to our customers. Our Kiln Dried Firewood logs are dried to less than 20% moisture content to ensure a high heat output. The heating value of firewood depends on its water content. Only dried firewood with moisture content up to maximum 20% can release its optimal heat output Seasoned firewood for sale. Mix of hardwoods seasoned and dried outdoors naturally. No kiln! Free delivery to Fair Lawn/Glen Rock/Ridgewood/Paramus areas if you purchase 2 or more bundles Call us today at 845-797-6877 or email cordkingllc@gmail.com to get your seasoned or kiln-dried firewood. We offer high-quality wood for your home, restaurant or business in Dover Plains and Poughkeepsie, New York. Please note that there is an additional delivery fee for drop-offs outside of our local area Contact Us for Kiln Dried Firewood & Delivery Options in Northern Michigan. PHONE : 906-250-9834 EMAIL : info@stonehearthfirewood.com PICK UP LOCATION: 210 Enterprise Street, Negaunee MI (by appointment only) Have a special requirement, large quantity order or extended area delivery request

Kiln Dried Hornbeam (Ironwood) € 269.00; Kiln Dried White Oak Firewood € 255.00; Black Alder Crate € 245.00; Silver Birch Firewood € 245.00; Sale! Egyptain Olive 40 Litre Bag € 12.50 - € 45.0 Whether used to heat your home or build a campfire, firewood is a must-have item for millions of Americans. However, firewood also presents a very real threat to the Nation's forests. Invasive species including the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB), the emerald ash borer (EAB), and gypsy moth can be spread into new areas of the country on firewood A brief backstory of our firewood company in Waukesha Wisconsin. Come read about us out and find out how to get your kiln dried firewood for sale today! Call: 262 746 7416 Email: [email protected] Address: 19000 W Lincoln Avenue, New Berlin WI 5314

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