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PowerPoint Won't Play Audio File? Fix It In 2 Minutes

PowerPoint won't play your audio files if the audio file format is not supported. Additionally, if the audio file is not embedded correctly, it won't work in PowerPoint. Sometimes, the audio is played but the volume level is too low. So, increase the volume on your computer to an audible level If sound won't play in PowerPoint, it's possible that you don't have the right multimedia codecs installed on your computer. So, check your codecs, if you have any installed already, make sure to update them. If not, install them Sometimes, while using PowerPoint you may have encountered the problem of no sound, however, you've worked on the sound also. Also, most of the time the music part plays fine on your PC, but when you mail it to someone, they hear no sound from it. Now the question is why is it happening with you? And How you can solve it to resume your work-flow Open the presentation or show. Click the Slide Show button in the lower right corner. Click the play button next to the speaker icon. Click the screen to advance to the next slide

PowerPoint won't play audio or video on Windows 10 [FIXED

  1. Check your PowerPoint Volume in the System Mixer Open the presentation file and press F5 or the slide show button to start the presentation While the presentation is playing, press Ctrl + T to show the taskbar Right-click or double click on the speaker icon beside the time (Bottom right) and open the sound mixer
  2. Per your description, we understand some of your slides are missing stars (Slide 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24 etc.) which means there was no audio in the slides. It should be either the recorded audio is not inserted, or audio are deleted mistakenly
  3. To avoid audio or video playback issues in PowerPoint, you can optimize media files you've inserted into your presentation for compatibility on other devices. For a list of supported file types, visit Video and audio file formats supported in PowerPoint. Error message: Flash-embedded videos are no longer supporte
  4. You won't be able to include your computer's audio while you share a PowerPoint presentation or Whiteboard. Currently, we support this feature on Windows devices only
  5. When I share screen to share the PowerPoint on Zoom I click on 'share audio' in the bottom left so the tick appears. I then share the screen and click on the three dots (More) along the Zoom taskbar and tick 'share computer sound'. This allows me to play a separate pre-recorded video with sound to the meeting participants
  6. If the media file is not compatible, the embedded audio/ video won't play in PowerPoint and show an error. However, PowerPoint allows you to optimize media compatibility if you receive any audio or video error. Thereby you can play PowerPoint videos seamlessly. Steps to set media compatibility in PowerPoint
  7. Click here for more detail--http://www.bsocialshine.com/2017/04/how-to-fix-powerpoint-cant-play-audio.htmlFacebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MeMJTubeFo..

How to Fix No Sound in PowerPoint Video? 5 Cases for Yo

  1. Open the PowerPoint file and click the File menu on the most left position of the top bar. Select Info . Then PowerPoint will detect if the embedded media is incompatible with the program. If so, the Optimize Media Compatibility option will appear
  2. The reason is usually because the sound was linked, not embedded. When the recipient opened the PowerPoint file, the audio file was missing, so it wouldn't play. Some audio (whether narration, music or another sound) is linked and some is embedded: Linking means that the audio is in a file that is separate from your PowerPoint file
  3. Audio and Video does not play in PowerPoint. If your Audio and Video does not play in PowerPoint then this post will walk you through the process of troubleshooting audio and video playback and.
  4. You can tell PowerPoint to play music or other audio automatically when a certain slide appears during a slide show. There are different ways to play it automatically when you get to that slide in your presentation: To start the audio immediately when the slide appears during the presentation, use the Audio Tools Playback tab

Under Audio Tools, click on the Playback tab and select the option Play in Background. In older versions of PowerPoint, you should click on the dropdown box next to the Start option and select Play.. PowerPoint has a very handy feature that allows users to record audio in their presentations using their computer microphone. If this feature is not working as it should on Windows 10 or Mac, here are some troubleshooting solutions to help you fix the problem as quickly as possible so that you can resume working on that presentation of yours

Hi, I have a very large power point presentation. Each file has also got sound. The sound works when the file is opened in powerpoint. I have opened the file in Libreoffice and I cannot see how to play the sound. When I start from the first slide to play there is no sound either. I read on one forum that the issue might be the way the file is saved or the version of power point that it was. In the screen-sharing menu is a menu in top: choose either to optimize for static content (Text and Images) or optimize for animated content (Video). As soon as you opt for animated/video content a checkbox will be shown offering to share your computer´s audio output or not to do so The media files, i.e., audio/video, will not play unless the slideshow option of PowerPoint is on. Always check the slide volume; sometimes, it is muted that may confront you with PowerPoint cannot play media mp4. Sometimes up-gradation issues of Windows media player cause the error, i.e., PowerPoint cannot play media mp4 Sometimes, even if you set a narration or sound file to play automatically when you first add it, it will not play until you click the speaker icon on each slide PowerPoint sound won't play ===== Know the difference between linked and embedded sounds. The reason is usually because the sound was linked, not embedded. When the recipient opened the PowerPoint file, the audio file was missing, so it wouldn't play. Some audio (whether narration, music or another sound) is linked and some is embedded

I cannot play sound embedded in a PowerPoint presentation/sho

PowerPoint won't play audio or video on Windows 10: Reasons Why Photo Becomes Inaccessible. Photos become inaccessible and user may lose their valuable pictures from storage device, due to following reasons:-When stored images get deleted accidentally then PowerPoint won't play audio or video on Windows 10 can be faced If your file is more than 50 MB, it should be linked — it won't play in your presentation if you embed it. The default setting in PowerPoint for the allowed maximum size of embedded objects is 100 kilobytes (KB), but you can change it to a maximum of 50,000 KB (50 MB) Videos embedded into Google Slides will not play audio in presentation mode. help! Pin . Lock . 1 Recommended Answer 14 Replies 404 Upvotes I have slideshows (old and new) with embedded videos (from Youtube or my files) that, when I present, no longer play the audio. Notifications are currently off and you won't receive updates. To turn.

Unable to Hear Audio in a PowerPoint File - IT

Powerpoint recorded audio but it won't play it

PowerPoint Cannot Play Media; PowerPoint Codec UnavailableHow to record a presentation on Zoom?

Are you having video or audio playback issues? - PowerPoin

Play the presentation by clicking View and selecting Present in the pop-up menu. Click on the link and the music will start in a new tab of your browser Replay Sound When a Slide is Revisited in PowerPoint. If you return to a slide that has already had its animation played then the animation will not play again. This includes all sound animation. This means that if you have a narration on a slide it will ONLY play the first time that the slide is seen Powerpoint viewer does not play music, just shows slides instead In Win 7, I had a number of files, for example Alaska Railway where when I clicked on it, a song was sung by Patsy Cline while the program showed slides of a train traveling through Alaska. WMP won't play music I am trying to play system sound through Skype calls so that. However (maybe due to something format specific; wma perhaps) it still won't play the audio embedded in a pps created with PowerPoint in Windows. The media player is fine and plays mp3, ogg, avi, mov etc. and I can embed audio in slideshows that I make with OOo 3x All in all the speed is a nice improvement

When it finished, reboot your computer and try screen recording in PowerPoint again. Solution 2: Run PowerPoint in Safe Mode. To get rid of the problem that PowerPoint Screen Recording is not working, you can run PowerPoint in Safe Mode. Step 1: Press Windows + R on your keyboard to open Run dialog [Issue] Sound Won't Transfer to Power Point. by bdnfarm » Tue Mar 04, If you use a .wav format in simpress you can convert to powerpoint presentation and then to powerpoint show. The music will then play on any computer. Unfortunately, at least for me, if I put a wave file in simpress, it will play on the computer I made the presentation. And now nothing works. Powerpoint displays a missing graphic icon instead of your pictures or it won't play your sounds and movies. One way around the problem is to use PowerPoint 2010 (or 2011 for Mac), both of which enable you to embed movies and sounds. Embedded vs. linked movies/sounds means no links to break When I conduct a meeting using SfB and share my desktop, then run a PowerPoint presentation, one of my slides includes an embedded video. The video plays but the participants can't hear the audio. If I don't include a PowerPoint slide and show a YouTube video in IE, that sound doesn't come through either From Microsoft: PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac: .mp4 files encoded with H.264 video and AAC audio Double check that your video is properly encoded as H.264 and AAC for the audio track. VLC and WMP will be more capable than PowerPoint but they should both tell you the video properties of the file to check the codec

PowerPoint 2010, however, is not compatible with M4A files and accepts only a handful of audio formats, including MP3, WMA and WAV. To use your preferred songs in the presentation, use a free Web-based conversion service to convert the M4A files to a compatible audio format The files play with sound on my pc and also on the memory stick when it is plugged into the computer. Click to expand... Frankly I'm not a fan of MS Office for Android anyway, one thing it must be connected to the internet, even if the PPTs are stored on the device itself, e.g. SD storage or OTG Audio when sharing an application (e.g. Windows Media Player, VLC player, Spotify). *Only if you use the screen/application sharing method described below, it won't work if you upload your PowerPoint into Collaborate and play it that way. Using a Mac: Audio being played through a Chrome Tab (e.g. YouTube video, Box of Broadcasts, Online Podcast)

Cannot hear sound when sharing content during a Teams live

Chrome is quite able to display many different file types and media, though it's likely that some things won't be accessible through Chrome. Though it's hoped that it will be suitable for the vast majority of users Overview. Zoom screen sharing allows you to share the desktop, window, application, or audio/video. If audio is an important part of your shared content, you can also send the computer's audio to the remote attendees when sharing, providing a more professional and immersive sharing experience I would like to be able to play a powerpoint presentation with pre-recorded audio during a Webex Meeting. We have free access to Cisco Webex Meetings at the moment. When I click share content and select the powerpoint presentation, it plays and is visible to participants but only I (as the host) can hear the audio For instance, if you embed an MP3 file in PowerPoint 2010, you may not be able to play it in PowerPoint 2007. A better approach is to link to the audio file in a way that eliminates all path issues

Extract Embedded Sounds in PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 . Beginning with PowerPoint 2010, sound files are embedded in presentation files by default. This method of extracting a sound file works on .pptx files in PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 for Windows PC Step 2: Insert audio to your slide, and configure play settings. Next, you can insert audio from your drive into each slide individually. The files you uploaded should be in the Recent tab, but you can also search for the file. Step 3: Configure your audio settings Google Slides gives you the option to specify how the voiceover should act

Participants can't hear video that I show within a power

If you are presenting a PowerPoint presentation on a classroom or auditorium projector or monitor and video files won't play, follow these steps. 1. Make sure your embedded video is either a .mp4, .m4v, or .mov file type. 2. Make sure the original video file is in the same folder as your PowerPoint (.pptx) file. 3 MPEG audio won't play in PowerPoint 2007. Thread starter catkall; Start date Oct 24, 2007; C. catkall Guest. Oct 24, 2007 #1. Oct 24, 2007 #1. I created a powerpoint 2007 with mpeg video that plays fine on my computer (Vista & Office 2007) as well as another older computer I have (XP wit The sound effect icon in PowerPoint presentation view indicates where a sound effect has been added. In presentation view, it helps the presenter remember where the sound effect is. Additionally, it also gives you access to controls for the sound effect. With sound effects, you can set them to play automatically, or to play on click. Add Sound. To play a shared video or audio file in its entirety, save it to your own Dropbox account by clicking Save to Dropbox at the top of the file preview. Or, download it to your computer by clicking Download. If a video or audio file won't play on dropbox.com or the Dropbox mobile app, it may be in a file format that Dropbox doesn't support

Comments for PowerPoint Slide Doesn't Move! Issue with Slide Movement by: Presentation Process Expert I am assuming you are having multiple slides and the slides won't move when you are in Full Screen or Slideshow mode.This may happen in 2 cases. Issue 1. if you have set up a Custom Slide Show with just the first slide Method 1. Install a third-party Codec to Fix PowerPoint Cannot Insert MOV File If you're using the 32-bit version of PowerPoint 2010, then you just need to get QuickTime for Windows for your PC. Having it on your PC will allow you to play .mov file in PowerPoint 2010 To make sure that the audio from the video is the only sound from your computer that is sent to the meeting attendees, set the Focus Assist to the alarms only mode. The video linked to at the start of the Slide Setup section also shows how to change the Focus Assist setting in Windows 10. Play the video during the presentatio

How Do I Fix PowerPoint Won't Play Audio or Video - Stella

(In PowerPoint, with a slide show open, click the Slide Show menu and then click Set Up Slide Show. Select Browsed by an individual (window) and click OK . In Keynote, simply choose Play > Play. Part 1: Why Windows 10 Won't Play WMV Files. The first question to start is, what is WMV format? WMV is a common format on the Windows system. It actually comes from the full name as Windows Media Video, which is the original video compressional part of WMV files, with other two distinct video codecs as WMV Screen and WMV image, forms the video compression format of WMV files

How to Fix PowerPoint Can't Play the Audio File Issues

Learn how to fix Word formatting issues, find lost and damaged files and databases, troubleshoot audio and video calls on Skype, reset OneNote notebooks that just won't sync, and connect to different mailboxes in Outlook. Plus, get solutions to common problems with Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Visio, Project, Delve, Publisher, and Sway No sound on a PowerPoint presentation, please help? My girlfriend has a PowerPoint file for college and I can't get the audio file to play on her Samsung Chromebook. The file is working just fine for all of the students that have Windows computers so it's not an issue with the file Open the presentation in PowerPoint 2010. Locate the slides with the transition sounds. On the Transitions tab, set Transition Sound to [No Sound].. Under Advance Slide, note the slide duration time in the Automatically after box.. On the Insert tab, in the Media Clips group, under Sound, click either Sound from file or Sound from Clip Organizer.. Insert the sound that you want to play across. Join Alicia Katz Pollock for an in-depth discussion in this video, Troubleshooting videos that won't play, part of PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video

Fixed: Codec Unavailable-PowerPoint Doesn't Play Video/Audi

I've been inserting wav and mp3 sound files which I have saved in the same folder as my presentation but they won't play. I have set the file size to 50,000 kbs, and have tried every other suggestion on this discussion group site. I must say that I have been successful in getting a few wav files.. At the top of the PowerPoint screen, on the toolbar, click the Insert tab. Move it to a part of your slide where it won't be in the way. If you want the sound to play throughout the. Hello,I just made a presentation using my desktop computer,and MS PowerPoint program.I am able to listen to the embedded audio music file,but when I download the presentation to my iPad2,it will not play the sound slide. The slide has animations and the first visit is great, the next visit (and all subsequent visits) don't play the animations (or the sounds). Microsoft designed this feature in, they assume that you won't want to see the animation a second time. However you probably do want the animation / sounds to play again! The Usual Answe The issue was that the slides couldn't play any audio in LibreOffice. Gilbert tried using a number of audio formats like WAV, MP3 and OGG but the matter remained the same: no sound in LibreOffice presentation slides. In this quick tip article, we'll see how Gilbert's problem was fixed

My sound won't play! Embed narration or music so you can

Discover how to integrate and enhance video and audio to create a more engaging PowerPoint presentation. In this course, author Alicia Katz Pollock emphasizes the technical details necessary to make a multimedia presentation work: from working with appropriate file formats, to applying video styles, to reducing the file size of multimedia presentations for sharing Loop until Stopped: Once the audio clip finishes, it starts again indefinitely until you stop it. Play Across Slides: If you enable this, the audio clip will be played during the entire presentation. If Loop until Stopped is enabled too, it won't stop playing until you reach the end of the presentation Problem: when you move your powerpoint presentation to a different computer the video clips don't play. Explanation: When you insert a video or audio clip onto a powerpoint slide, the clip is not actually part of the presentation. That slide just points to where the clip is on your computer, retrieves it and plays it at the appropriate time When I view my elearning course in Chrome (created in Storyline 2), the audio on the first slide doesn't play. If I pause the slide and click to start again, the audio begins playing. If I let the first slide run, no music plays but when the slide advances to the next slide in the chapter (and for all subsequent slides), the sounds plays fine Question 1. How to record screen with PowerPoint? PowerPoint carries a basic screen recording feature. You can open PowerPoint and click the Insert tab, and then click the Screen Recording option. You can set the screen recording region and then click the record button to start the screen recording with PowerPoint

Select the Play CD Audio Track from the sub menu. Check the Loop until stopped box beneath the Play options. This will cause the track to loop and play until the presentation is finished. Under Start in the Play CD audio track options, enter the track number of the CD track that you wish to play across your PowerPoint presentation Adding Music to PowerPoint. Now you can add the MP3 file to your PowerPoint presentation. To do so, open PowerPoint and navigate to the slide on which you would like to insert the song. Next, go to the Media group of the Insert tab and select Audio. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Audio on My PC

In PowerPoint I had my friend narrate it, and uploaded to drop-box. It was all working perfectly, but now at home when I downloaded it most all of the sound clips are recognized as movies, and won't play. Two of the sound clips still are recognized as sound clips and will play, but the other 12 don't. How do I fix this? The due date is tomorrow Audio for the Entire Presentation. By default the audio file is only for the slide it is inserted on. In the Format options, unclick Stop on slide change and the audio will continue until the file has finished regardless of slide changes. Change the Icon. The default icon is grey clipart of an audio file PowerPoint doesn't accept iTunes music, which is encoded in M4P. You need to make a format alternation before inserting the iTunes sound into your presentation. You can convert the iTunes to MP3 that supported by PowerPoint. Try either of these two ways to convert an iTunes track to MP3 audio format 6. Test in Play mode. As the final step in the process and your second test, play the PowerPoint like you will be during your presentation. You should see the video move at normal speed and hear any audio you have in your video as well. Again, be sure to watch the entire video to identify any potential embedding issues Have you ever made a nice PowerPoint presentation with music and/or video clips in it, which would not play on another computer when e-mailed? If you follow these easy steps to ensure that all the files needed are included and will be available at the local computer you will have a wonderful presentation

Record an Audio Track and Add It. To record your own audio track, select INSERT, click Audio, and click Record Audio. Follow the instructions on the screen for starting and stopping the recorder. Play Music in a Continuous Loop. If you want music to loop continuously during your PowerPoint slideshow, set up a music file using one of the. PowerPoint will insert the video into the selected slide. From here you can move and resize the video however you'd like and add your desired transition and animation effects. If you want to preview the video, you can click the play arrow in the video and see how it looks. Pros. Having only one method makes it a simple process. Con In PowerPoint 2013 and 2016, .mp4 videos encoded with H.264 video (a.k.a. MPEG-4 AVC) and AAC audio is recommended. If the source MP4 file doesn't meet the above requirement, PowerPoint won't play it

Note: Sound, transitions, or animations embedded in slides are not supported. If the presenter records the meeting locally, the recording will also have the video embedded on top of the slides. If the host or another participant records the meeting locally, they must be on at least 5.2.0 or higher for the video to be embedded on the slides My audio clip won't play - what do I do? There are a number of potential issues that could be causing the problem. First, check if the audio file exists. While it is possible to embed audio files into the PowerPoint file, most audio files are too large, so PowerPoint links to the file instead. Since it is a link, the audio file must exist. Record Audio. from the list of options. The . Record Sound. window will display. Click the . Record. button to start the narration. Click the . Stop. button to stop the narration. Click the . Play. button to listen to the narration. Once the narration is complete, click the . OK. button. The . Audio. icon will appear on the slide. The . Audio Tool

Powerpoint allows you to create and record a presentation, complete with narration and animation timings, that can then be played back exactly as you intended. You can then upload your recorded PowerPoint file to Traineaze to be used as an eLearning course. Animation timings allow you to synchronize what you see on the screen with voice over Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:01 am Post subject: Audio won't play on LMS in HTML5 Via iSpring Converter To test Converter I inserted an mp3 into a PowerPoint slide. Formatted the video link to play automatically PowerPoint 2010 can play sound files in different formats, for example the popular MP3 file format that is known for its quality and compression mechanism. However, you can also play other sounds and music in PowerPoint presentations Donationware audio app VoiceMeeter is the tool you will need to play computer through Skype, the app is a virtual audio mixer with three inputs (two hardware, one software) and three outputs and mixes these through two buses. To start sharing audio through a Skype call, you'll need to configure VoiceMeeter correctly 3. Convert and Play Your Slides from a DVD Player. You can also convert your PowerPoint files to DVD video format, write it on a DVD and play it using a good old DVD player. While this method is more laborious than the aforementioned, it is a pretty functional method. To get the video format right, follow the instructions given below

Good. The video appears in your PowerPoint presentation, and it can be played whenever you switch to the Slide Show view. However, if you decide you're ready to present, and you activate PowerPoint's presenter view, you will encounter an interesting problem when you get to the video, and try to click play. Either nothing will happen. Narration/Audio won't play or isn't present? Grizzlyadamz: PowerPoint: 4: 02-01-2015 01:42 PM: audio from file won't play: stshains@hotmail.com: PowerPoint: 4: 01-20-2015 02:31 AM: How to make a trimmed audio file play across slides: pjb2247: PowerPoint: 2: 12-06-2014 08:17 AM: Narration won't play in older version: lopezm: PowerPoint: 0: 06-15. How to save PowerPoint with audio narrations into Kaltura. It is very simple to get your PowerPoint with audio narration to play as a video in Kaltura - just follow these steps: Save your PowerPoint as a MPEG-4 video file (*.mp4) using MS PowerPoint softwar The biggest needs she has is to see PowerPoint presentations with music/audio. She currently has an iMac with Microsoft Office installed, and thus she can read 99% of the PowerPoint ppt/pptx file. I fear that the iPad might not be able to play any presentation's music

Audio and Video does not play in PowerPoin

The fact that they play automatically and continuously also has its advantages for a presentation. For starters, they are not as distracting for the presenter. You won't have to worry about when you should click for your video to start running. The moment you show the slide with the GIF, the moment it will start One of the best ways to share PowerPoint slides in a BlueJeans meeting is to set up PowerPoint to display slides by individual window. This works for Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. It will also allow PowerPoint to be used on dual monitor systems in most cases. Just go to Slide Show Menu -> Set Up Sho If your video or audio file won't play in the Dropbox mobile app, check that the following are true: Make sure you have a third-party app on your mobile device that can play that file format. The Dropbox mobile app uses the third-party (non-Dropbox) media players on your mobile device to play video and audio file MP4 won't play if your MP4 file is corrupted or the information in the container is wrong. 4. Incompatible USB and digital camera devices. Many users play MP4 videos via USB or digital camera devices. If none of the above is true, it might be an issue of USB or digital camera devices, which are not compatible with your Samsung TV PowerPoint 2010: Only support .mp4, .mov, and .qt formats if the Apple QuickTime player is installed. PowerPoint 2013 or 2016: Only support .mp4 videos encoded with H.264 video (a.k.a. MPEG-4 AVC) and AAC audio. If the source MP4 file doesn't meet the above requirement, PowerPoint won't play it

Play music or other sounds automatically when a slide

  1. One thing to note is that the local users will hear the local audio content being played on the installed sound system. Scheduling a Meeting. The other way to present during a meeting is to attach a PowerPoint to the meeting invite and then share that content. To do this, when creating a new meeting, simply attach your PPT file
  2. I highlighted slide 2 to 7and inserted audio from my computer. Slide 1 plays the short intro video then advances to slide 2 where the music starts but from there the slides don't advance. Are you able to help.I don't know if this site is a 'help me' sit
  3. d, though, that even with the video embedded in your presentation, you'll still need to be connected to the internet to play the video. First, head over to YouTube and find the video you want to embed. Once.
  4. I have a very long powerpoint with narration. the narration has been recorded to each slide. When I import the powerpoint to captivate, the audio doesn't show on the timeline and I can only hear it if i publish or preview as html 5. Also, you have to click the slide to play the audio. It won't play on it's on

How To Automatically Play Audio in PowerPoin

I can play the video. I tried a third-party codec (k_lite codec pack), see above. Installing a latest version of QuickTime won't help. There is no x64 version, so that latest QuickTime version won't install x64 a codec needed by Powerpoint 2013 x64 I won't go into the details here of how the game works or what to say at what times; I'll assume you know how to play Family Feud. If you need a refresher, check out the Family Feud Wikipedia page . The basic idea is that you'll play the host and your two judges will run the slideshow on your cues Click on Insert or press Enter.; Note: Before you insert the video into the slide, you can add some parameters into the code to make the video play the way you need it to. For example, you can let the video start playing automatically after a user opens the slide it's placed in, or you can specify at which number of seconds from the start the video will begin and when it will end The solution is really outlined on the screenshot above that you provided from Teams - play in a different browser or play the video in a video app. Teams isn't a video app. If you don't want to use Stream because its not rolled out yet - which is completely understood - then as Adam says use YT or another video site and add it as a Tab

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Video: Fix PowerPoint Not Recording Audio - Technipage

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