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This small pumpkin is tan colored with deep ribs when it is ripe. It is small enough to grow vertically, as you can see. You can use a sling to help support the weight of your pumpkins that you choose to grow vertically. This helps take some of the pressure off the stem, making it less stressful for the plant 22+ Exquisite Growing Pumpkins In Small Spaces Posted on March 16, 2021 by admin We planted a vertical pumpkin patch in our tiny urban from farm4.staticflickr.co Whether you are growing small size pumpkins or giant pumpkins, you should put them in a spot where they can access to direct sunlight at least for six hours daily. Growing potatoes in a shady spot will hinder their growth and will cause mildew because the soil will not dry out and will preserve moisture

Some of the best varieties of pumpkins to grow on a trellis include Jack Be Little, Baby Boo or try this Harvest Mix that contains three types of small pumpkin seeds including Hooligan, Gooligan and Bumpkin. Support structures for vertical pumpkins If you don't have a ton of space, you can still grow pumpkins, but you should opt for a smaller variety. Jack Be Little's are a great option; however, they cannot be eaten and should only be used for their ornamental value. If you don't have a lot of space and want pumpkins that can be consumed, opt for sugar pumpkins Choose a large pot that is 10 gallons in size (for small pumpkin varieties), if you're growing pumpkins in pots. For large cultivars, the bigger the pot the better, a 15-25-gallon pot that is 20-24 inches deep and wide is required. Also, ensure there is adequate drainage available to your pumpkin plants Each plant can sprawl over 50 to 100 square feet, because each fruit needs runners that are at least 10 feet long for nourishment. But it is possible to raise pumpkins on a small patch of land...

No matter where you garden—on a small acreage, an urban rooftop, or a suburban backyard—you can grow pumpkins in pots. These autumn icons actually thrive in containers, provided you start with a large enough container and the right soil blend. Get started by choosing your container Fellow gardeners out there it is entirely right, you can grow pumpkins using the trellis support system. Vertical gardening is the answer to the problems of limited spaces and fungi plus pests that can wreak havoc with your pumpkin plants. By improving air circulation, you are lowering the risk of diseases that can infect your crops Tie the vines to the trellis with strips of cloth, or even plastic grocery bags, as the plant grows. If you are growing pumpkins that will only attain 5 pounds (2.5 kg.), you probably won't need slings, but for anything over that weight, slings are a must. Slings can be created from old t-shirts or pantyhose — something slightly stretchy Other things to consider is growing time. Not sure what zone you are in but check the harvest date on the back and gauge when you need to plant to coincide with when you want your pumpkins. Sugars will grow just like small squash so if you are in a warm climate and plant soon you will have pumpkins in late June/July

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Just like with the squash, you plant the seeds in hills. For bush type pumpkins, you'll need 3 feet around each plant. For the vining type, allow as much as 8' to 10' between plants for the vining type. Vining pumpkins require a great deal of space to spread. A big pumpkin vine can grow 6 in one day Yes! You can carve jack-o-lantern in your own grown pumpkin. And yes, it is easy to grow pumpkins. They are not just used to make scary faces, sweet and savory dishes can be made by pumpkin. You can grow them in the normal ground, in containers. But here we are going to grow pumpkins in a raised bed garden In the spring, work rotted manure and compost into the soil. Kitchen waste works very well. Pumpkins will be more successful in loose rich soil. 2. Assess your space. This should be incorporated with the first tip because growing pumpkins takes a large space. The vines of an average pumpkin plant can grow unchecked up to twenty feet

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  1. Before You Start Growing Pumpkins in Containers. Choose small varieties of pumpkin for your container gardening. Choose sugar pie pumpkins, Jack-O-Lantern, Connecticut field pumpkin, and Howden biggie varieties when growing pumpkins in pots. These smaller varieties will also need to be supported by a good trellis as the vines are strong enough to support your pumpkins even when not resting on.
  2. Grow 1 to 2 pumpkin plants per household member. More tips at Pumpkin Seed Starting Tips. Container Growing Pumpkins. Pumpkins require a great amount of space and so they are not good candidates for container growing. However, you can grow a small, space-saving variety in a 10-gallon container. Train the vines to grow around the container
  3. With a sprawling habit, pumpkins can take up a lot of space, so in small gardens train the vines up the side of a shed then use a ladder to harvest them from the roof. Or choose bush varieties like Golden Nugget that can be grown in large containers. SOW SEEDS in saucer-shaped troughs on mounded soil. Space the mounds one to two metres apart.
  4. i-pumpkins in a basket makes a beautiful autumn centerpiece. Not only are

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  1. e to 5 and 10 gallon containers. Obviously I had set myself up for some trouble
  2. imum of 6 hours direct sunlight. Potimarron is a popular French pumpkin . Small, teardrop-shaped fruit, great colour in the red skin and an aromatic flesh that has a.
  3. Plant: Small Sugar Pumpkins. From: American Seed. Description These were an afterthought. I hadn't planned on growing them but I had a space to fill and it seemed like a fun thing to try. First thing to note - I planted them about 6 inches apart at the bottom of the trellis. I think I could have spaced them a lot more as they are so.
  4. Can you grow pumpkins in a small space? SOPHIE: Yes! But you've got to choose the right varieties and think creatively, such as growing them vertically. A favourite of Sophie's is 'Bushfire.

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How to grow giant pumpkins in small spaces by Matthew Oliver Let's face it, here in the UK most of us have tiny postage stamp size back gardens, that are already full up with the shed, patio, lawn for the kids/dog, pond, greenhouse etc The average 10 rod allotment (250sq meters) is only big enough for two full size pumpkin plants (at a. Growing Pumpkins. Pumpkin is a warm-season vegetable that can be grown throughout much of the United States. Besides being used as jack-o'-lanterns at Halloween, pumpkins are used to make pumpkin butter, pies, custard, bread, cookies and soup. Small Sugar pumpkin, White Cushaw pumpkin, and Big Max pumpkin could all be grown in the same area. Mar 31, 2019 - How to Grow Pumpkins in a container, growing pumpkins in a pot, Pumpkin care, winter squash. A dwarf variety of pumpkin is easy to plant in the container Jun 22, 2016 - Learn how to grow pumpkins in pots, growing pumpkins in containers and pots is not difficult though it requires large containers and space. Check out 8. Tips for Competitive Pumpkins. If you're growing pumpkins for a competition, there is a simple tip you can do to help them grow larger. Snip any blooms forming on a weaker vine. You'll see as your pumpkins develop some vines are larger, sturdier, and look healthier. These are the vines you want your pumpkins to grow from

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Growing potatoes in a shady spot will hinder their growth and will cause mildew because the soil will not dry out and will preserve moisture. Space the corn seeds about four to five inches apart. Yet, not all plants adapt well to growing in small spaces, which leaves gardeners wondering if growing pumpkins in a raised bed is plausible Space rows six feet apart for large pumpkin varieties and four feet apart for smaller plants. Alternatively, create 18-inch-diameter mounds spaced at the same distance as rows. A small, silky textured pumpkin named Winter Luxury Pie will give you a luxurious winter pie or, better yet, an autumn one. This is a great way to reclaim space in a smaller garden and to.

Most pumpkins grow in very large vines and can take up space. Although there are compact or bush type pumpkins plan for an area of 50 to a hundred square feet. However, pumpkins can also climb in trellises so you can still make up for a limited space Jul 24, 2013 - Great way to grow pumpkins and save space. Jul 24, 2013 - Great way to grow pumpkins and save space. Jul 24, 2013 - Great way to grow pumpkins and save space. Explore. Lawn And Garden. Garden Design. Potager Garde To plant the Three Sisters, sow corn first in mounds, often called hills, about three feet apart and the size of a small baseball pitcher's mound. Create two rows of hills, leaving two to four feet of space in between to plant your pumpkins. Space the corn seeds about four to five inches apart Grow them once and you will quickly find out how quickly they can escape your garden/fence boundaries. For this reason, learning to grow them vertically will save you lots of growing space. Growing space that is perfect for planting long-lasting perennials. Acorn squash. Baked acorn squash with honey and cinnamon is a winter delicacy

Choosing an area of plantation for pumpkins: Pumpkins will grow on vines and they require an adequate amount of space for survival. Select a place in your garden which satisfies the following requirements. Growing pumpkins in small spaces is possible. At least 20 to 30 feet of space which is open has to be considered A standard heirloom since the 1800s, Small Sugar is the classic pumpkin for pies and canning. The dark orange, deeply ribbed rind has fine-grained, stringless, sweet, thick, yellow flesh. This variety is easy to grow and widely adapted. Cucurbitaceae Cucurbita pep When growing pumpkins in containers, select a small variety. Larger sizes may also work, but they take up a lot more space. I chose organic Cinnamon Girl, a cute ornamental that also bakes well and tastes delicious in pies, bread, and soups

Growing spaces surrounded by 4 such stems have the highest possible output rate per growing space. Potatoes are planted to prevent pumpkin or melon growing on farmland where they will not be harvested. The border of farm surrounding the outer stems should have potatoes on wet farmland too if there is available space Well-cured pumpkins can last for up to ten months. Pests and the Rest. A common problem with pumpkins isn't so much a pest issue, but a pollination problem. For years I grew pumpkins with magic vines, but no real fruit. The problem was that small fruits would form, go yellow, and fall off. I overcame this with hand-pollination

However, if your garden space is limited, no worries! Plant pumpkins at the edge of the garden and direct vine growth across the lawn or pathway. The vines will only be bothersome for a few weeks. You can also grow pumpkins in 20L buckets! Or, try miniature varieties. Pumpkins are big, greedy feeders Sep 17, 2016 - Learn how to grow pumpkins in pots, growing pumpkins in containers and pots is not difficult though it requires large containers and space. Check out Magic Lantern: Magic Lantern F1 hybrid pumpkins were bred to be highly resistant to powdery mildew and to produce medium-sized pumpkins in small, compact garden spaces. The magic lantern pumpkins grow upon space-saving semi-vines, growing 14 inches high and a foot wide. The fruit has a slightly bumpy texture, dark orange skin, and medium ribbing How To Grow Pumpkin Pumpkins are a warm season plant and should only be grown after frosts are finished. Choose a full sun position in your garden with space to allow your pumpkin vine to spread out. For most varieties this means about 2-3m per plant. Prepare the planting area by working in compost and manure as pumpkins do best in good soils

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  1. Growing gourds is a simple process, but you need to make sure that you plan out your space, because if not, gourds will take over your yard. The seeds my mother-in-law brought, were planted without any plan. I, therefore, had to battle gourds growing randomly for the rest of my time at that house because gourds are hogs when it comes to space
  2. 7 Responses to How to Grow Pumpkins Charlotte Says: November 21st, 2011 at 7:41 am. Most sites recommend not to use the stalk as a handle because the pumpkin rots from the end of the stalk- if the stalk breaks off when it is being carried, the pumpkin will store badly as it will rot faster
  3. Welcome to Gardening Limited! Gardening Limited is a blog about urban gardening in small spaces while on a budget. Enjoy your stay

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The pumpkin is a member of the squash family, which is, in turn, a member of the larger cucurbit group. The plant is thought to have originated from Central America where pumpkin seeds have been discovered that could date from 7,000 B.C. Aside from looking cool at Halloween as jack-o-lanterns and winning giant contests, as this squash can grow to over 1,500lbs, pumpkins are a rich source of. If you're growing your Pumpkins on hills, space the vines about 8 feet apart. If instead you choose to plant them in rows, space the vines 3 to 4 feet apart in rows that are about 8 to 12 feet apart. You can also grow them on a trellis, an option especially appealing if you have limited space. Expect germination in 7 to 10 days Probably the most time intensive part of growing my pumpkins in a small space was managing the vines. Those vines grow in all directions at once! However, you can gently pick them up and redirect them if they begin growing outside your borders. Also, later in the season once fruit has set, you can simply lop off a vine when it gets to long

Tino explains how to tell when to harvest quine, Millie gives advice on knowing when to water and Sophie has advice on growing pumpkins in small spaces. Fri 19 Mar 2021, 7:30pm vide Autumn Gold, Connecticut Field, and Spirit Hybrid are large (18-25 lb) fruited orange pumpkins that can be used for pies and carving. Jack Be Little, Wee-B-Little and Baby Bear are small (0.5-1.5 lb) orange fruited types suited for small children. Lumina is a medium (8-14 lb) white-skinned pumpkin used for painting

We planted a vertical pumpkin patch in our tiny urban

I decided to start with the Jack Be Little Variety since it produces several small pumpkins that mature relatively quick. I planted one seed per pocket and alternated so each tier had 3 seeds. In the remaining pockets I planted a fast growing yellow squash called Tempest. I figured that both varieties would grow at similar rates. They did not Growing a pumpkin patch can cause vines to snake their way through a garden quite rapidly. Put your pumpkins in an area where they can take up a great deal of space. Depending on the variety, they can take up to 500 sq. ft.! Be sure to space pumpkins 2-4 feet apart with ample room for the vines to take off Pumpkins that vine should be spaced in rows 10 feet apart with large pumpkins requiring 5 feet between plants and small pumpkins needing 4 to 5 feet between plants. There also are compact, bush-type (restricted vine) pumpkins; these varieties can tolerate 8 feet between rows and 2 feet between plants Pumpkins in too small a space. I posted a few months ago on my plan to grow some giants in WAY to small a space. I had 8 plants growing indoors, just picked my best 2 to plant in my 6' x 3' fabric raised bed Pumpkins need a lot of space to grow. Seeds should be planted on small hills, but vines will quickly sprawl dozens of feet, even climbing fences like a trellis if the fences are in the path of the.

Perfect Pumpkins Need Space. Your pumpkin plant needs a lot of space. You will be shocked to see how long the vines of just one pumpkin plant can grow. Check to make sure you are giving your pumpkins enough space is to place them on at least 3-foot diameter mound or hill. Furthermore, place each full size plant five feet from each other Growing Pumpkins In Containers | How to Grow Pumpkins In Small Spaces. Learn how to grow pumpkins in pots, growing pumpkins in containers and pots is not difficult though it requires large containers and space. Check out! Article by Balcony Garden Web. 557 I want to plant pumpkins again this year, but they take up so darn much space. Last year they took over the space I planted them and hogged up a bunch of space that they weren't supposed to go. Is there any known way to plant pumpkins so they grow down or up? Or maybe another way to grow them in a small space that I don't know of As much as we love growing pumpkins, it cannot be done in a small garden or a container. Pumpkin vines can reach out 30 or more feet from the base of the plant and can take up huge chunks of your garden space. In addition, the space-hogging pumpkin vine will generally produce only 3-5 decent pumpkins per plant

Those with limited space will be pleased to hear that pumpkins grow well up and over a fence, trellis, hills hoist or arbour, provided the structure is sturdy enough to support the weight of the fruit. Growing Guide. Pumpkins are tender annuals that in temperate areas should be planted after the last frost Growing Pumpkins in Small Gardens. Pumpkins are notorious for taking up space in the garden. If you turn your back on them, their vines will grow as quickly as Cinderella's pumpkin transforming into a carriage. Many varieties will do well in small spaces though, including large pots and containers Prize-winning carved pumpkin at The New York Botanical Garden. We decided to grow pumpkins this year. I discovered there is a reason that pumpkins are usually grown on farms and in pumpkin patches. Pumpkin vines ask for a sizable swath of space in one's garden and will crowd out and trample anything in their way

Growing Pumpkins. If you've never grown pumpkins before, you'll be happy to know that they're fairly easy to grow. Start with a large space—at least twelve feet by twelve feet—and amend the soil with compost or manure. Plant pumpkins in late spring—when temperatures are predictably above 65 degrees Pumpkins come in vining, semi-bush, and bush varieties, the latter of which is more suitable for small spaces or raised beds. For between row spacing, bush varieties require 4-5 feet, semi-bush types need 6-8 feet, and long-vining plants should have 10-12 feet Pumpkin vines are vigorous and pumpkin fruits are heavy, so trellises must be substantial to support the plant as each fruit weighs from 10 to more than 100 pounds. Providing sturdy support, this trelllis will hold vines and fruits off the ground and make them accessible in a relatively small space. Best of all, it is made of recycled materials Growing pumpkins in containers is an option if you're short on in-ground planting space or if your soil is too hard, rocky, or otherwise impossible for planting. The most important thing about raising pumpkins in pots is that you need a large pot—20 gallons or larger. You also want to be sure to choose the right variety This summer, we used a space saving method and made bamboo teepees for these vigorous vines to twine up. We found that growing miniature pumpkins up vertically in this fashion created a handsome and decorative focal point in the garden beds. In no time at all, the bamboo tripods were covered with an abundance of 4 to 5 inch little ribbed orange.

Growing Pumpkins In Containers | How to Grow Pumpkins In Small Spaces. Learn how to grow pumpkins in pots, growing pumpkins in containers and pots is not difficult though it requires large containers and space. Check out! Article by Flower Patch Farmhouse. 1.7k. More ideas for yo And, every gardener loves to grow pumpkins. Many people do not believe they have the space. But read on. You will be pleasantly surprised, to discover that you can plant a few seeds and be growing pumpkins in very small and unique places. Did you Know? A pumpkin becomes a Jack O' Lantern, when it is carved This is a great growing method if you're working with less grow space. If you're going to grow pumpkins in the ground, start by amending the soil. It must be loosened, at least four inches below the surface, prior to planting. You can choose to create small mounds in this plot or plant the pumpkins directly in the ground Ideal Soil Composition and pH. Pumpkins grow best in rich, well-draining soil that ranges from 5.5 to 7.0 on the pH scale. You can obtain a simple soil test kit from your local garden center and amend your soil accordingly, aiming for an ideal 6.5 pH.. Pumpkins are a heavy-feeding crop, so be sure to amend the soil with plenty of organic material like well-decomposed compost and manure and. Any pumpkin-growing foray should start with the same thing: space—and plenty of it. Choose a location for growing pumpkins with a minimum of six to eight hours of full sun and a lot of room; vines can grow to more than 20 feet long. Pumpkins prefer well-drained soils high in organic matter with a pH of 6 to 6.5

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True, companion planting corn and pumpkins or corn and beans involves only two sisters, but you are still looking at growing two crops rather than one in the same amount of space. Adding a third plant limits your access to the others, which is not an issue when all the crops are harvested when fully mature - dry grain corn, hard storage. BUTTERNUT PUMPKIN. One of the best known pumpkin varieties for its shape, quick growing time and versatility. It marries well with strong flavours like blue cheese or spices like cumin and grows well all across most of Australia. Butternut pumpkin is also great for sweet dishes, like pumpkin fruitcake and pumpkin pie Sell for a Profit. Pumpkins actually sell for more than their starts cost, with a slightly higher selling price of 350 Bells per pumpkin.. Below you can see some calculations on how much you would earn if you grow 1 pumpkin (no watering), 2 pumpkins (water once), or 3 pumpkins (water twice.). Note: We have calculated the profits without substracting the initial cost, as that is only relevant.

This is a tiny white pumpkin that was produced in Pennsylvania and released in 1990. These pumpkins grow to a maximum size of around 3 inches across and grow on a compact vine that has a maximum length of 2 feet. This makes the plant ideal for growing in small gardens or even on a balcony Pumpkins are sprawling plants, notorious for taking up a lot of room; so do not plant them in the middle of the intensive garden. They occupy a lot less space if grown vertically on trellises or cages, but then of course they cast a considerable amount of shade Avoid growing crops that take up a large amount of space (such as asparagus) or take months to grow (such as pumpkins or parsnips). Grow fast-growing crops (such as lettuce, radish and beetroot) around the base of larger plants (such as potatoes and tomatoes)

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There are so many little spaces where a small plant can grow: gaps in the paving, unused corners, along the back of a seating area, trailing up a stair railing or cascading down from a balcony. Think about ways to plant in a small soil volume that will have a big impact. This multilevel rooftop garden integrates plants in creative ways Most champion pumpkin growers have their own methods and secrets for producing the gigantic pumpkins that win pumpkin contests every year. Of course, it is necessary to start with the right kind of pumpkin seed, one that is selectively bred to produce the really big pumpkins such as Prizewinner Hybrid which, with the proper growing methods, can produce pumpkins in the 300-pound range

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If you've been avoiding growing watermelons because your garden is too small, wait no longer! You can grow a watermelon plant in a small 4′ x 4′ raised garden bed - if you use a trellis. A single watermelon plant, given good growing conditions, can almost fill a 15-foot-wide circle on the ground. Yikes This pumpkin can be used for pies, canning, stock feed, and carving. The best Florida pumpkins include 'Howden' and 'Jackpot.' 'Big Max' and 'Big Moon' are other well-suited big pumpkins (some can reach 200 pounds under ideal growing conditions). 'Funny Face' is a semi-bush plant, and therefore good for growing in small gardens British gardening expert Monty Don has shared his advice for growing squash. He advises those who have sandy or chalk soil, or live in an area of low rainfall to use alot of compost or manure

Growing your vegetables up keeps the plants healthier, and allows you to grow more in a small space. I would love to have a giant backyard garden full of endless vegetables. But in reality, I have a backyard that's all swimming pool with three small raised beds in the corner Now you can grow Pumpkins in a small space! Get full-size 12 to 16 pound Halloween type pumpkins on a small plant that is not much larger than a zucchini bush. SPIRIT Pumpkins are bright orange and have strong handles. Because the plants put more energy into growing pumpkins and less energy into growing vines you get a BIG harvest in only 98-days

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Even a small back porch is big enough for two pumpkin plants. Train and support them with nails or posts to go where you want them to grow. If gourds develop in the air, you can either pluck them as babies, or create a sling to support their growing weight Store your pumpkins somewhere dry, cool and dark where they will keep for up to six months. Growing pumpkins in pots. If you don't have garden space, but still want to give pumpkin growing a try, you can actually use a growbag or a pot/container, as long as it is large enough: at least 45cms wide and able to hold around 70 litres The pieces of wood under the pumpkins also allow the rain and wet to roll off the pumpkin and onto the ground under the wood instead of under the pumpkin. Watch em grow! Cinderella pumpkins grow quick. They are fun to watch in the garden due to the rapid growth spurts that they go through If planting in a row, space seeds 6 to 12 inches apart. Plan accordingly, as pumpkins need lots of space to grow. If garden space is tight, pumpkins can be planted in 5- or 10-gallon buckets, or they can be planted along the edge of a garden where the vines can sprawl into the lawn or onto a sidewalk. To grow: Once pumpkins sprout, thin to two.

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To grow pumpkins one needs quite a lot of space as they are a ranking plants that spreads vines out over large areas. If you have a place in your garden where you have some space with reasonable soil in direct sunlight then you can grow pumpkins. If the flower has a small bulb at the base, it is a female Edible Perennial Gardening: Growing Successful Polycultures in Small Spaces for a special price of £11.21 from our Green Shopping site. Maddy Harland is the co-founder and editor of Permaculture - practical solutions for self reliance established in 1992 Watering. Pumpkins use a lot of water throughout their growing season, so you may want to set up a soaker hose irrigation system.As previously mentioned, watering at the base of the plants can also help prevent diseases like powdery mildew on plant leaves, which can decimate not only your pumpkin crop but much of your vegetable garden.Water your pumpkin plants deeply, allowing the soil to dry.

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These pumpkin seeds germinate best when the soil is kept at around 85 degrees. Seedling heat mats are the best source of heat for this process. Plants should be up in 3-5 days. 3) Cold Frames. While you are waiting for the seeds to germinate, you should put small cold frames out in your garden where you intend to grow the plants Pumpkins end up squashed under their own weight. And if they grow large enough, they will even grow a small arch underneath. It's like a little dome in the middle, Hu says. The wall of a pumpkin doesn't thicken much as the fruit gets really big. Small pumpkins can support up to 50 times their own weight without breaking, Hu says

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How to Grow Big Pumpkins . Select the right variety: You can't make a huge pumpkin out of one that is destined to be small, no matter how hard you try, so the first thing to do is select the right variety of pumpkin when you want to grow a huge one. For big pumpkins look for Connecticut Field, Howden, Big Max, or Mammoth Gold varieties. Once you have a pumpkin that is known to grow large. If you have a small garden like me, consider growing a bush variety like Gold Nugget. If you have ample space, then grow one of the many vining varieties that may sprawl for 15 feet. As a bonus, if your Gold Nugget squash is late in maturing, Virgil says you can harvest the immature squash and eat it as a summer squash Growing a pumpkin can be a fun choice for a beginning gardener or young children who are learning about plants. There are many types of pumpkins, and most are relatively easy to grow. There are several tips and strategies to help the beginning grower to create a large pumpkin to use as a jack-o'-lantern, or several small pumpkins for use in pies Container gardening resources. Gardening in Containers: Growing in Small and Soilless Spaces, US National Gardening Association, Growing Ideas Classroom Projects, 2003 -- Detailed practical guide online, designed for teachers to use in school gardening projects, useful for anyone.Background, creative containers, plants and schemes, plants for container gardens, special container projects. Butternut produces small to medium pear-shaped fruit with deep orange flesh . Buttercup are small to medium round pumpkins with dark green skin. There are a number of large pumpkins, some round and flattish - good for storage and eating - others will produce the Cinderella coach type giant round fruit which are not such good eating

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