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A laser harp is an electronic musical instrument, consisting of several laser beams (9 in this case: 7 notes, Octave Up, Octave Down) to be blocked in order to produce sound The upright laser harp consists of 12 lasers and photoresistors arranged in six layers. Two mirrors per layer reflect the laser beams to the photoresistors. In the figure, the red arrow indicates how the laser is reflected to the photoresistor and the corresponding pins the laser and photoresistor is connected to

Link to buy the plans to make your own (would be cool for the Robot Challenge, i am thinking about it) March 6, 2008 Stephen Hobley saw Jean Michael Jarre play his highly theatrical Laser Harp live 22 years ago and vowed heââ Simple Arduino Laserharp: Here I will describe a way to make a simple Arduino laserharp, a musical instrument that plays music when you block a beam of laser light from hitting a phototransistor. This project was done as a part of the PHYC 308L class at the University of Ne I constructed a MIDI laser harp controlled with an Arduino for Spectra, an optics group at Washington University in Saint Louis. This instructable goes over the commercial parts used, design of electronics, mounting parts that were 3D printed, and the frame. This project is also listed on my website with other project

The Adeept Laser Harp Kit is a harp without strings, with bright laser beams used instead. You only need to pluck the laser beams to play a piece of music as done with strings Title /Volumes/YARO/03_08_15/LASER HARP PROJECT/LH.dwg Created Date: 7/16/2015 1:55:59 A

Arduino Laser Harp : 10 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructable

The laser harp is an electronic instrument that is played by blocking laser beams. Several laser beams are produced, and a note is played when one of the beams is blocked by the player, similar to plucking a stick on a real harp Be careful and don't let your head EVER go over the laser harp! If it doesn't work, check over the wiring. The code also has a Debug variable — turn it to true and you'll get output to a console, but it DRASTICALLY slows down the code, so the fan of laser beams doesn't look as good. But it is great when things don't work Demostration video of the harp for the page .A project done for Creative electronics a subjet of the ETSIT from Malaga These are the sources and citations used to research laser harp. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Thursday, October 22, 201

Hey, so I'm pretty new to Arduino, and this is my first project. This should've been my first post, but I already posted questions about this project (with the same main bulk of the post) in other forum subsets. A long time ago I was shown a YouTube video of this guy who had made a laser harp where if you broke the stream of a laser with your hand, it would register that and make a sound Title /Volumes/YARO/03_08_15/LASER HARP PROJECT/LH.dwg Created Date: 7/16/2015 1:56:34 A

Upright Laser Harp : 13 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructable

Title /Volumes/YARO/03_08_15/LASER HARP PROJECT/LH.dwg Created Date: 7/16/2015 1:57:15 A For my project using an Arduino I have decided that I will make a laser harp. I will actually be using a Teensy 2.0 board for this project, as they have 12 analog inputs vs the 6 that an Arduino has. This will allow me to have up to 12 lasers that can then correspond t

Laser Harp - Instructable

  1. iscent of a harp.. The invention is attributed to two British men, Geoffrey Rose and Bernard Szajner, in the 1970s and was widely popularised by.
  2. 7/15/15 6:59 PM f=0.50 /Users/Yaro/Desktop/City Tech/Spring 2015/ENT4999/Laser Harp.sch (Sheet: 1/1) LASER_MODULE1 LASER_MODULE2 LASER_MODULE
  3. The Laser Harp is a light-sensitive musical instrument. It is played by moving hands over laser light sources in order to send MIDI commands when a beam is interrupted. These commands can be sent to different electronic devices such as synthesizers, samplers, controllers and other
  4. We did some research and found several different Instructables on making an Arduino-controlled laser harp. There seemed to be two different approaches that we could take: A frameless laser harp that used a single, powerful laser reflected off of a mirror attached to a rapidly rotating DC motor to create the illusion of multiple laser beams
  5. Sharing your project on Instructables.com is a great way to get your projects more widely known on the web, and meet other smart people who love your work. We have over 2 million readers each month, including editors of all the big blogs and magazines, and your project would be a big hit
  6. A long time ago I was shown a YouTube video of this guy who had made a laser harp where if you broke the stream of a laser with your hand, it would register that and make a sound. I want to supersize this project, making essentially a table (imagine a hollow coffee table with lasers running through it) of 64 lasers and sensors
  7. Vasospaz has been working hard on building an upright laser harp with the design files I shared on Hackaday and Instructables. I am so excited that he is getting close to completing the build and that there is another upright laser harp out there. In our messages, Vasospaz brings up some important points for building the system and some helpful tips. </p><p>Here are photos of the system.

Simple Arduino Laserharp : 4 Steps - Instructable

Although there are plenty of simple drums and guitars out there, an the Laser Harp by Instructables user Pushan Panda is a great example. It uses a stepper motor to rotate a mirror which reflects a laser beam, and each position of the mirror represents a different string for the hap. When the laser beam is broken, it is detected by a light. Vasospaz has been working hard on building an upright laser harp with the design files I shared on Hackaday and Instructables. I am so excited that he is getting close to completing the build and that there is another upright laser harp out there. In our messages, Vasospaz brings up some important points for building the system and some helpful tips

He calls it an upright laser harp, and it is gorgeous. If you've seen a laser harp before, you've probably noticed that the lasers shoot up and down to mimic the strings of a harp. By mounting 12 lasers horizontally, Jonathan says the instrument is easier to play. The construction is made entirely of laser-cut wood panels After reading through an instructables tutorial on how to build a laser harp I was surprised at how easy it seemed building a laser harp would be. All I had to do was solder a few wires together and I'd be playing my lasers in no time! However, this was not the case, and I am still at this point laser harp-less Hey, Im fairly new to all of this but Im building a 6 laser harp for a uni project. I have built everything, all the lasers work and the LDRs are wired up in its frame but i have no idea what sort of resistors to use. As you are new so you are excused, but instructables are simply crap. You should never read them if you do not know what you. The 13-Note MIDI Laser Harp consists of, as the name denotes, 13 notes and is created using a series of mirrors and components to create the playable instrument. The information on how to create the digital instruments can be found over on Instructables The thing is, and i think most of you will agree with me, what makes the laser harp cool, are those laser beams and the way you can interact with them to play some music. That being said, i have also read in many pages that they can be very harmfull to your eyes. Hmmm, i kind of like my eyes, so i would rather if no harm would come to them

Hello, I am building laser harp by tutorial on instructables. I copied their code and edited it for working with Easy Driver and hairless MIDI. It is almost working, but my stepper skips every second step, so beam pattern looks like on picture (there is supposed to be 8 beams but one is skipped every rotation). I can't see any problem with code but maybe I am wrong. Can you please help me. The first module (P-Module) resembles the plucking hand. When the right-hand plays on a guitar string, the string will vibrate, and create audible tones with different amplitudes.The laser guitar is able to determine if a laser is plucked, breaking the beam, the signal will be sent

If you're looking for a holiday project, a new kind of futuristic musical instrument, or need to impress someone - build a laser harp. Instructables user Shobley13 has used an Arduino, several laser pointers and some optical sensors to create a device that senses breaks in the laser beams - which emulate harp strings - and sends the signal out via MIDI to a suitable computer with music software Frameless Laser Harp: We are a generation that love sound and light - can't do without them really. Our most preferred time of day is night, or what we would call evening. We are particularly well acquainted with technology; doesn't hurt these days

Easy and Cheap Laser Harp : 4 Steps - Instructables

Terry's Very Own Web Page. Hello, and welcome to my homepage. My name is Terry Dunlap and I developed this site primarily for the benefit of friends and family, friends being defined as anyone who likes it A laser harp is a 'musical instrument' that uses inexpensive laser pointers and photocell sensors to create virtual 'strings' that can be plucked to simulate a real harp. In this case, the MIDIsense board is used to interface the photocells to the computer or synthesizer Beautiful project + tutorial from instructables user yaroshka!. Couple of weeks ago I presented my culmination project, framed laser harp, at New York City College of Technology. Work on it was so interesting for me, that I decided to share it here Harpe Laser Arduino Un couple de semaines, j'ai présenté mon projet de point culminant, la harpe laser encadrée, à New York City College of Technology. Travail à ce sujet était si intéressant pour moi, que j'ai décidé de le partager ici. Je suis un amateur de l'Arduin The laser harp is a musical instrument made of light. A fan of beams shoots up from the floor into the night sky. The performer can create music by placing their hands in the beams.Not only does breaking the beam produce notes, but sliding the hand along the beam will also change the sound

So for layer 1, the LMS node (control signal for the laser module) would get connected to LO1 (the first laser control signal). I designed the board in Autodesk Eagle with the help of my favorite tutorial by randofo on Instructables. I'm happy with this board for the upright laser harp V2 Feb 17, 2017 - Arduino Laser Show With Real Galvos: In this project we use an Arduino UNO/Nano to run a laser show with a laser pointer. We are using real galvos (galvanometers) like in commercial laser projectors, since these have become quite affordable recently (around 100 Euros/Dollars) and prov Laser Harp Final Update and Design Rationale - Anam Zuberi, Yiqi Fan; A Design Rationale for InstruFit-Yong, Queenie, Vision; Emily and Laura's Cushion Final; Categories. Atari Punk Console (APC) Blog Post (3/5) Blog Post 1; Blog Post 10; Blog Post 10 (4/16) Blog Post 2 (1/29) Blog Post 3 (2/5) Blog Post 4 (2/12) Blog Post 5 (2/19) Blog. Basically, I have a <50mW green laser bought off Amazon for under $20, so, yes, it's not the greatest laser in the world. It draws 300mA at 5V. My 2N2222 transistor's collector is connected directly to a 5V source, the emitter is connected to ground, and the base is connected to a digital pin on my Arduino This upright laser harp has laser beam strings. The beams reflect off mirrors to form square-shaped beam paths. When the beam is blocked, a note is played by the instrument. #Instructables #electronics #technology #arduinoproject #arduino #microcontroller #music #audio #lasercutting #Fusion360 #optic

I recommend getting an ATMEGA328 with UNO boot loader and replace the one (168) on Diecimila so you will be able to use your board as an UNO. Just a few dollars Enter Instructables' Tweet-A-Pot. This simple project lets you send a Tweet to your pot to get its coffee-brewing ass in gear remotely. When it's a friggin' laser harp. According to creator. Revealing Hour Creations, Viman Nagar, Pune. 166 likes · 1 talking about this. A Technology startup based out of Pune

Laser Synth goedkope Laser Synthesizer gemaakt van x1 555, laser, comparatoren, fotocellen, enz...Momenteel heeft één schaal. (er zijn al verschillende Instructables op de sonic, is het tijd om iets een beetje meer unieke te d . Elektronische Laser Harp - Sensor Edition Laser Diode Structure. Salvo por Edgefx Kits. 61. Dicas Fiação Elétrica Engenharia Elétrica Projetos Arduino Electronics Projects Bobina De Tesla Design Da Placa Circuito Eletrônico Planta De Projeto

In his guide on Instructables, Gabba People rights this wrong with an extremely detailed guide and 3-part video series that not only explains how to create an R/C ornithopter, but also explores some key elements of flight and why certain design choices matter This week on Maker Update, Alexa presses buttons, Google gets a laser, robot fish, robot dogs, 1-dimensional pong, drill bits, speed squares, an unholy union of DeWalt and Ryobi, and a resistor kit roundup Dec 19, 2019 - Make Your Own Retro Nixie Clock With an RTC!: In this project I will show you how to create a retro nixie clock. That means I will show you how you can control nixie tubes with a high voltage DC power supply and then I will combine 4 nixie tubes with an Arduino, a Real Time Clock (RTC) and a c Arduino Laser Harp: This will instruct you on how to make a laser harp. The laser harp was invented by Bernard Szajner, and Jean Michel Jarre introduced the laser harp to music. The picture is of Jean Michel Jarre playing the laser harp in Denmark. The rest of the pic A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the first Mini Maker Faire in my hometown of Manchester. The fair was held at MOSI -- the recently refurbished Museum of Science and Industry -- and.

May 1, 2019 - OpenVFD: 6-Digit IV-11 VFD Tube Clock: Introducing OpenVFD - the colorful VFD tube clock with light effects that make the clock dance, glow or turn into a rainbow.I'm here to share my result of creating my own dream clock with you. A computer controllable, colorfully illuminated 6-digit MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol developed in the 1980's which allows electronic instruments and other digital musical tools to communicate with each other. MIDI controller for DAW's or anything else. As I wrote in the project description section, we will use 12 arcade push buttons and 6 potentiometers, all these will be connected to Arduino considering the. As you can see, commands can simply comprise of single characters which are easily transmitted using wireless RF modules - and to learn how it's done, visit the project Instructable.And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well. If you're looking to work with Arduino and RF wireless hardware that integrates neatly with the VirtualWire library. This week on Maker Update, punch-activated flame throwers, interactive laser curtains, Massimo takes back Arduino, some time with a deluxe center punch, 3-color OLED screens, MagPi 60, and the Gemma M0.This week's Cool Tool is the Rennsteig Adjustable Automatic Center Punch.. Show Notes Advanced Projects. Punch Activated Arm Flamethrowers (Real Fire bending) Made by Allen Pa Check out the unique project below which has been inspired by the concept of a laser harp. Following the same principle using similar technology jump over to the Instructables website by.

13 Note MIDI Laser Harp : 6 Steps (with - Instructable

A 3d printed, motorized, and hackable telescope base with star-finding capabilities built on a raspberry pi zero The lDR and laser light were chosen so that the emission wavelength of the laser was close to the peak spectrum value of LDR. In addition, 650nm laser was easily available and much cheaper than green 500nm laser emitter 2.1 Bluetooth Sound System - Fully Printable: Strictly speaking, fully printable is a slight exaggeration. To be honest, I am still struggling with printing PCBs (although this would be reeeeally nice), drivers, and a few electronic components... ;D No, seriously, all you need in addition to t

The laser harp is a musical instrument which can be played by waving your hand above laser beams, blocking them temporarily. The laser beams which allow the laser harp to produce sounds are equivalent to the strings of an ordinary harp. In addition to the sound it emits, the laser harp also produces dreamy visuals through its laser light show Laser harp with 123D Circuits #MusicMonday. Groovy project tutorial via instructables user jackie.chen. Enjoy Electronic design? Enjoy 3D printing? Enjoy music? Ok, no problem. Let's make a simple project, and enjoy all of them Arduino Laser Harp This cool music instrument is built by SthepenHobley based on Arduino. This harp doesn't make sound itself but generates a... Laser Position Sensor The Laser Position Sensor (LPS) module is an optical sensor that measures and provides the two-dimensional coordinates of visible red... AVR Laser Audio Transmitter Laser Audio Transmitter is final project from instruct1.cit. Matt Mets: Laser Harp Matt will talk about how he built this laser harp, from idea to functional prototype. Matt Mechtley: Magic Duct Tape Wallet Workshop Matt will walk us through this instructable by EthanGibson to make an awesome magic wallet. Join us for this exciting event! There will be snacks and door prizes. More information - Link

Selecting the Right Sensor for Arduino Projects : 7 Steps

TomSuch made an RGB laser projector by himself, though aimed mainly at generating 3D effects in fog. Has been demo'd in brmlab many times, also during Brmlab Opening Party During visit of Felipe Sanches in Dec 2010 from Garoa Hacker Clube in São Paulo many improvements starting to happen and a lots of new ideas were born, mainly because current solution has been driven by proprietary hardware. Upright Laser Harp: Laser harps are musical devices with laser beam strings. When the beam is blocked, a note is played by the instrument. Usually laser harps have the beams travel vertically in the shape of a fan or vertical lines. In this project, I built a laser.. 8.01x - Lect 24 - Rolling Motion, Gyroscopes, VERY NON-INTUITIVE - Duration: 49:13. Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. Recommended for yo

Adeept Laser Harp Kit for Arduino : 6 Steps - Instructable

Laser Harp (not shown): Designed, built, and presented Arduino-powered Laser Harp for booth at San Mateo Maker Faire, May 2013; displayed again May 2014. Piezoflower Garden: Interactive Sound art installation: a bouquet of metal flowers built around piezoelectric disks that sits quietly until a passerby taps or plucks the petals, which produce. Arduino Mega 2560 projects list in PDF offline downloadable: Most of the electronics geeks are asking the whole list of Arduino Mega 2560 projects PDF here we will share list every month as our projects are being updated on daily basis. PDF is a good source to work offline Automated Cat Laser: The Cat Bot is an autonomous laser toy for your cat. It produces a rotating (moving) laser beam by using the servos attached in it. Using two servos, an Arduino you can provide your cat with endless fun. Fantastic Arduino Laser Harp: The Arduino laser harp is a musical instrument which produces light beams. When this. The Instructables has a pretty good set of photos showing how to solder the components on the PCB, so don't worry about that step if you haven't assembled many, or any, PCBs. The two amplifier options listed in the project write-up both look fun to work with; a Lepai LP-2020A+ for about $20 or a Parts Express AA-AB34181 for about $60 Here are some examples of how to use the MIDIsense board to build some neat interactive projects. Laser harp - using 6 laser pointers, 6 CdS photocells and a Resistive MIDIsense board ; Max/MSP demo - How to get a quick demo going with Max/MSP using the quick-start sensors that come with MIDIsens

In this Instructables guide I will show you how to make your own Arduino two digit countdown timer. I made my own circuit by using the ATmega328 micro controller but this is an optional step Instructables has published a tutorial on building the Prism - a DIY laser guitar synth: I suppose I should clarify what the Prism is: It's a bit like a guitar with some synthesizer mashed in. It has aspects of a theremin and a laser harp thrown in to boot. In short, it's not like anything else, and you can use it to make some really neat. Quick Arduino MIDI Laser Harp: Hi there! I've created a few Arduino (and more recently, Olimexino) framed MIDI laser harps (see one here), and I frequently get emails asking for more information on how to build one. I'm putting this instructable together to give a basic intr

Frameless Laser Harp : 8 Steps (with Pictures) - InstructablesLaser Built Two Octave With Harp Ppt - Fill OnlineUpright Laser Harp - YouTube13 Note MIDI Laser Harp : 6 Steps (with PicturesUpright Laser Harp | Hackaday

A Nixie tube is a glass tube used in the mid 1900's to display numbers. It is filled with neon gas, and when you run power through it (around 180 volts DC) the metal segments light up to display a number Instructables has published a tutorial on building the Prism - a DIY laser guitar synth: I suppose I should clarify what the Prism is: It's a bit like a guitar with some synthesizer mashed in. It has aspects of a theremin and a laser harp thrown in to boot. In short, it's not like anything Read More DIY Laser Guitar Synth Why entering you say: 1 because it is a light contest 2 instructables has some legal issues with international entries so I could not enter their light contest. (laser harp) then I think it. diy electric skateboard kit & parts build a diy electric we offer electric skateboard kits electric skateboard motor mounts electric skateboard motors electric skateboard escs electric skateboard battery and everything else you'll ever need to build your own diy electric skateboard diy electronic 8 bit music keyboard 555 timer i m trying to. Wrap Scotch tape around the laser pointer's button to force it into the on position. Wrap it around tightly several times to assure it stays in place. Step 13: Remove Laser Pointer End Cap. Remove the laser pointer's end cap and batteries. Examine inside - most laser pointers will have a spring that is the negative battery terminal

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