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A lovely 'tiled' effect by using small sections of old tropical hardwood railway sleepers to imaginatively create a unique, weathered, wooden patio surface. Really attractive, hard wearing and an impressive transformation of what was there before Often referred to as Hardwood Railway Sleepers their durability and longevity make this variety of garden sleeper ideally suited for use in retaining walls or as an alternative solution when creating a decking/patio area With oak being a hardwood, it is a naturally dense timber, meaning oak sleepers do not require treating with a preservative and are typically more resilient than softwood. However, as oak sleepers are heavier than softwood, it can make the construction more difficult The Norfolk Timberyard Ltd supply softwood railway sleepers and hardwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated according to customer requirements. Whether it is sawn, machined, moulded garden sleepers, rustic round edged railway sleepers and half length garden sleepers. We can offer anything from one sleeper to full artic lorry loads

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  1. Hardwood railway sleepers are much more durable and naturally longer lasting. African Azobe railway sleepers, for example, are often used untreated by British Waterways under water, due to their natural preservative qualities. Jarrah, Karri, Mora, and Greenheart are likewise placed untreated on the railway track by Network Rail, and are.
  2. Genuine hardwood railway sleepers The best quality reclaimed hardwood German Oak, Grade 1. Perfect for gateposts, raised beds, kerbing, edging, retaining walls, steps, fences, pergolas, and unique landscaping features Dimensions: 2.6m x 260mm x 150m
  3. Hardwood railway sleepers are an excellent investment - they're robust, durable, and extremely versatile. Being hardwood these sleepers have the inherent properties of durability and offer a maintenance-free alternative to our softwood treated ones
  4. Railway Sleepers UK Timber Limited is one of the largest suppliers of railway sleepers in the UK. We supply both softwood and hardwood sleepers, both treated and untreated, as well as new and reclaimed railway sleepers - our range of sleepers provide effective solutions for all landscaping projects
  5. Timber Sleepers - is a trading division of Profit Management Consulting SRL, the management company that operates Gorba Construct SRL sawmill, established in 2006. At Timber Sleepers we are committed to offering the best value possible. We have an excellent reputation for providing a prompt response combined with a speedy delivery from our.
  6. Railway Sleepers For Garden Use Railway Sleepers use for garden design has evolved at a dramatic rate over the last few years and we have kept up with the pace! You will now find everything from the good old traditional UK railway sleepers to reclaimed railway sleepers in tropical hardwood that will probably last forever

Tropical Hardwood Reclaimed EUROPEAN Railway Sleepers Tropical reclaimed hardwoods are straight and make good rustic edging, garden features and retaining walls where an attractive seasoned' look is required. They are extremely hard, durable, strong and suitable for Load bearing applications 200 x 50mm 2.4m Durable Mixed Hardwood Sleepers (2) $23.90. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Maxi Metals 700mm Left Hand Galvanised Steel Sleeper Peg (0) $18. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Ridgi 50 x 50 x 3mm x 0.65m Galvanised Steel Corner Post (0) $26.78. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Maxi Metals 400mm T Joiner Galvanised Steel Sleeper Peg (0) $10.15 With an expected lifespan of 20 years these Oak railway sleepers will stand the test of time in all conditions. With Oak being a hardwood it is a naturally dense timber, meaning your new railway sleepers do not require treating with a preservative, however, you can oil or stain to suit your needs and preferences Cheap new hardwood railway sleepers for sale at Ruihe wooden sleepers manufacturer. With good elasticity and insulation, timber railway sleepers are lightweight and easy to connect with rails, convenient for transportation, laying, and maintenance. RFQ today and get the timber sleepers price Timber Railway Sleepers are pressure treated softwood, to ensure a long life whilst exposed to the elements. This pack of 36 sleepers is designed to maximise the shipping delivery cost savings by utilising a wholesale pallet in one delivery. Sleepers can be used for a variety of uses in gardens and landscapes

Our hardwood sleepers are from slower growing trees, predominantly oak (Quercus Cerris & Robur), where the wood is dense and heavy, and thus naturally strong and resistant to the elements of nature without the need for treatments. How long do railway sleepers last Overview. Grade: Relay* (top grade) tropical hardwood railway sleepers (*This means that they can be re-laid or re-used on the railway track). Very long lasting railway sleepers for all landscaping projects and general purposes. Generally square and straight edged, although years of unrelenting British weather will have naturally started to wear away some of the edges and exposed faces Railway Sleeper - Sawn & Treated Brown Softwood £ 19.00 - £ 46.00 View products; Railway Sleeper - Sawn & Treated Green Softwood £ 19.00 - £ 33.00 View products; Railway Sleeper Cutting service £5-00 £ 5.00 Add to cart; Railway Sleepers - Charred Brushwood Sleeper £ 50.00 View products; Railway Sleepers - Oak £ 40.00 - £. At Nationwide Railway sleepers we carry huge stocks of new sleepers and deliver them to every part of the country. Our prices are very competitive and offer real value for a quality product. We distribute sleepers throughout the UK selling thousands a year. We now deal direct with the public as well as garden centres and landscapers

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  1. Timber Sleepers, Hardwood sleepers, Railway sleepers. For a bit of character you can't go past timber Sleepers. They are great for building retaining walls, garden borders, feature walls, steps and even bench seats.. Our recycled timber sleepers are great as rather than appearing raw and freshly cut, they have an older, more worn-in style
  2. Welcome to Railway Sleepers of Halifax - your local choice for a good selection of new & reclaimed soft and hardwood sleepers. A cost-effective way of customising your garden. Cutting & delivery service available. Gift vouchers available starting at £20.00. While choosing the right sleepers, why not see how we turn sleepers into beautiful.
  3. Likewise it is unwise to move railway sleepers after (or during) a pub crawl. IMPORTANT- The 2.6m x 300mm x 175mm size of hardwood railway sleepers CANNOT be offloaded by mere mortals. They are too heavy. (120kg - 140kg each). You'll need at least a forklift machine or furloughed Olympic weightlifter
  4. Railway sleepers have been used by Irish gardeners for some time. The wood is used to build beautiful garden steps, furniture and raised garden beds. Our railway sleepers can be the perfect addition to any garden, big or small, adding a designer's edge to a natural space in an organised and efficient way

Reclaimed Timber Railway Sleeper 125mm x 250mm x 2590mm (Approximate) 900030. £44.75 . inc vat. £37.29. ex vat Whether untreated hardwood or treated softwood, you'll find old reclaimed railway sleepers to be unique landscaping materials that come in many timber varieties: Pine, Oak, Jarrah, Azobe, Karri etc.. If you're short of ideas or want inspiration, have a look at our 1000s of Amazing Projects Statewide Sleepers, Sydney was established in 2007, are a wholesaler of used timber railway sleepers based in Rossmore, NSW. We now sell to the public throughout Sydney greater metropolitan area, and can deliver Sydney wide. Our sleepers are generally cut from Ironbark timber, a quality Australian hardwood Hardwood Sleepers. Filter & Sort. Filters. Store & Availability. Price Range. Brand. Star Ratings. Sort by. Clear all. Show results. Showing 6 of 6 results. Grid List. Whites Outdoor 450mm Steel Flat Stake Sleeper Peg (1) $5.24. more. Add To Cart. Whites Outdoor 450mm Heavy Duty Steel Flat Stake Sleeper Peg (1

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Timber Railway Sleepers 8×4 | 200mm x 100mm Railway Sleepers are a great way to create borders and edgings in your outdoor space, but this products versatility goes beyond that. These Railway Sleepers can also be used to craft your own garden furniture or a set of wooden steps for your garden, they can also be placed vertically or stacked for. 3) UNTREATED - some tropical hardwood railway sleepers are naturally long lasting, & hence need no treatment. USED RAILWAY SLEEPERS are normally either a) Creosote treated, e.g. used Dutch Oak and used British pine, or b) Untreated, e.g. used tropical hardwood, Australian Jarrah and used African Azobe railway sleepers A railroad tie, crosstie (American English), railway tie (Canadian English) or railway sleeper (Australian and British English) is a rectangular support for the rails in railroad tracks.Generally laid perpendicular to the rails, ties transfer loads to the track ballast and subgrade, hold the rails upright and keep them spaced to the correct gauge..

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Karri Australian Hardwood A Grade Sleeper No1 200x100mm 2.0m. Karri Australian Heartwood is very very dense timber, Colouring is golden to reddish brown, sometimes with a orange or purple cast. Recycled NZ pine railway sleepers. Ideal for garden edging, features, rustic patio edging, retaining walls and garden paths... $75.00. Ex Tax:$65.22. In the UK, railway sleepers were traditionally made from spruce, pine or fir mix conifers as these were the predominant species available locally when train tracks were originally being laid. Whilst softwoods remain the most popular option for sleepers, oak sleepers are also an option if you are looking for something more durable

Australian Used Hardwood Railway Sleepers (Jarrah) OPEN EASTER SATURDAY! Home; Products; About Us; Contact and Trading hours; Polished Pebbles; New Product; Our Products. Railway Sleepers. Product display. Page 1 of 1; Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2 items. Price. Enquire. NZ Macrocarpa Sleepers. NZ New Macrocarpa Landscape Sleepers. Railway Sleepers.com: Sorry to hear your news - the last thing you want in your new landscaped garden. There's no magical solution I'm afraid. There's no magical solution I'm afraid. Used softwood railway sleepers (British pine) treated with tar and creosote, will invariably leak in hot weather These new and beautiful softwood railway sleepers are a natural timber sleeper that allow you to create stunning garden features and redesign areas of your garden simply but to great effect, creating a garden to be proud of. All our green 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm sleepers have been (Tanalised) pressure treated with Tanalith E for a long life (in.

This is probably the cheapest Railway sleeper to be found in Ireland. Our Railway sleepers are 2.4 mtr x 200 x 100 or 8′ 8″ x 4″ and are pressure treated with brown Tanelith E. We also have another sleeper the same size.The timber in these sleepers is Douglas Fir which is a better and longer lasting timber .It is an Irish red wood and is. Railway Sleepers are a natural choice for any landscaping project. Whether you are considering garden improvements from boundaries, edgings and planters to distinctive raised beds and borders, decks, terraces and walkways, sleepers provide a natural rustic finish to your garden Wooden railway sleepers are an essential element of garden landscaping - useful for all sorts of purposes. We offer brand new oak hardwood sleepers and softwood sleepers for delivery anywhere in Bristol, Bath, Keynsham and surrounding areas. Among our best sellers at Keynsham Timber are our hardwood and softwood railway sleepers - a versatile product in demand for all sorts of indoor and. The wooden sleeper is made from a variety of softwood and hardwoods timbers, oak, jarrah and karri being popular hardwoods, hardwood railway sleepers are generally much more durable and naturally longer lasting

The type of wood treatment required to preserve and protect railway sleepers depends on the type of sleeper and the desired effect. Reclaimed Oak or other exotic hardwood railway sleepers are likely to last for at least 25 years as long as they are not buried in the ground or submerged in water Timber Yorkshire - Garden Decking, Cedar Cladding, Railway Sleepers, Hardwoods, Sheet materials Call us on 0113 270 4928 - Timber Delivered Fast Throughout Yorkshire - Serviced and suplied by Clive Walker Timber Lt

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Railway Sleepers. Railway sleepers are recycled timbers removed from the railway lines and are increasingly becoming harder to source! We source these pre-graded timbers in as many grades as we can. As a guide, they are graded by their quality of timber; straight sides & cracking etc Railway sleepers are hugely versatile, perfect for creating a garden border or raised features. They can also be used to give more structure by creating retaining walls or edging, an ideal replacement for brick or stone Original reclaimed railway sleepers will be aged and will have holes drilled in them. Original sleepers will be creosote-treated which means they are wood preserved to help achieve a longer life span. New railway sleepers, on the other hand, are available in durable hardwood and softwood and in comparison to original hardwood, are untreated UK Sleepers are reliable and experienced suppliers of New Untreated Railway Sleepers. Our products offer you inventive and cost-effective ways of customising your garden to give it a truly unique touch

Reclaimed Sleepers. Our highly-distinctive reclaimed timber hardwood railway sleepers are all treated with creosote and look fantastic in any garden or outdoor space . Our reclaimed sleepers are all rated Grade A, meaning they have less damage than most. They're perfect for flower bed edgings, benches, garden steps and garden walls New Hardwood Railway Sleepers(2.4m x 200mm x 100mm), (8' x 8'' x 4'') (approximately) These are new hardwood railway sleepers freshly machine cut. This is green wood, therefore please keep in mind that it might move and split, especially in the summer when it dries out and tries to match the air moisture content as well as the temperature. This is a natural process, not a defect UK Sleepers manufacture softwood railway sleepers and hardwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated according to customer requirements. Our range includes contemporary machined and moulded garden sleepers, rustic round edged railway sleepers and mini garden sleepers. We can offer as few as a handful or as many as full artic loads Hardwood second-hand railway sleepers are perfect for a large range of uses in garden and landscaping projects. With their eye-catching rustic looks and unbeatable ground contact durability, due to their creosote treatment, these sleepers will last for many years TIMBER EXPERTS. We have an extensive knowledge of recycled railway sleepers, rustic timber and used hardwood beams, ensuring you have information you can rely on. Sound advice for commercial & residential projects as well as architectural & civil applications - New Zealand wide

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Vetraland stocks a range of hardwood and softwood railway sleepers, including new and reclaimed railway sleepers. These come in a variety of colours so you have exactly what you need. Our sawn timber sleepers are manufactured from excellent quality oak, perfect for raised beds and many other exterior design or garden landscaping projects Railway Sleepers; Timber Buildings; Contact; Call: 0288 9521 774; Railway Sleepers. double a grade reclaimed creosote railway sleepers and new pressure treated sleepers can be used for various projects such as plant boxes, retaining walls, steps, kerbing and garden furniture Timber has been used since a long time for making railway sleepers. Timber railway sleepers are generally hardwoods coming from oak, beech, and hornbeam trees. These are sleepers are easy to transport as compared to steel railway sleepers. Also, these timber railway sleepers are comparatively less expensive than the steel railway sleepers. Get. Railway sleepers are endlessly versatile and can be used for raised flower or vegetable beds, steps or even to make garden furniture or seating areas. Webb's fantastic range of used new and reclaimed softwood and hardwood railway sleepers come in a range of assorted lengths and thicknesses for collection or delivery

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Hardwood Timber Railway Sleepers For Sale, Find On Fordaq The Best Hardwood Lumber Wholesale Offers And Demands. Register Now And Contact Sawn Timber Producers From All Countries Quality Hardwood Railway Sleepers, reclaimed solid 250mm x 150mm landscaping garden timbers, with beautiful wear, knots and woodgrain. Providing long lasting external character and texture. Benefits: • Available in lengths of 2.6mtr. • Reclycled reclaimed timber • Naturally beautiful oak which can also have splits, knots & blemishes

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Authentic Recycled Railway Hardwood Sleeper - Semi Dressed: Naturally Seasoned Organic: Completely free of any Chemicals Grade: AAA Stunning Australian timber that is extremely strong, durable and long-lasting - these timbers have a beautiful rich colour tones and brilliant grain pattern. These Ironbark hardwood sleepers are very high quality with square edges and minimal natural deterioration. Timber Railway Sleepers. Our authentic timber railway sleepers are perfect for any DIY job. They provide great structure and support as well as, great garden features. With our range you can give your garden a pristine, classic look or add some character with our more rustic looking sleepers Categories: Railway Sleepers, New Hardwood Sleepers. Ideal edging and raised bed sleeper. Sleeper Screws available. Delivery throughout Yorkshire, £1.50 per mile. Cutting service, £1.95 per cut. Price includes VAT . Size: Clear: New Hardwood Sleepers quantity. Add to basket. Description Description. Our freshly sawn square cut Alder hardwood. Railway Sleepers. We are able to provide cutting the sleepers. It is not french oak, it is hardwood. That is, the tree has appearance, hardness, type and application like oak, but it is a different variety

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Our sleepers and timber in Plympton is both affordable and high in quality. Whether you require treated timber for floor joists and studwork, fencing panels or fencing posts, we have all you need at Perrys Builders Merchants. We stock railway sleepers that are popular with DIY handymen and gardeners alike. Here at Perrys Builders Merchants. These sleepers are much useful in uplifting the heavy loads and high speeds of trains. Moreover, they contain a long-life of 10-12 years. Also, its life span depends upon the climatic situations too such as rain, nature of traffic, etc. Our timber railway sleepers can accommodate any gauge. It can be handled and placed easily anywhere

**RECLAIMED RAILWAY SLEEPERS** Grade A, hardwood, reclaimed railway sleepers - monster size! 10″ x 6″ x 8ft 6″ (250mm x 150mm x 2.6m) ONLY £25.00 + VAT each Alternatively, hardwood railway sleepers offer increased durability and require little to no maintenance. Generally comprised of either pine, spruce or oak, our wooden sleepers are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Whether you're redesigning your garden, constructing an outhouse or relaying a garden bath, wooden.

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He had no idea when I asked him, but helpfully said that in one chain there were roughly 22-23 timber railway sleepers. So, with there being 80 chains to one mile, all I did was multiply 22.5 by 80, with the result of 1,800 sleepers per mile. My second source was the Office of Rail Regulation. They publish a Current National Rail Trends. Timber Fencing Posts Timber Gravel Boards Concrete Fencing Products DuraPost Fence Post Systems BIC Spikes & Bolt Down Supports Railway Sleepers. 10 results. New Softwood Railway Sleepers. From only £ 20.00 + VAT. Reclaimed/Used Oak Railway Sleepers. Railway Sleeper Grades Explained UK Sleepers Grading Railway Sleeper grading is a subjective issue, we grade ours quite simply - an explanation is given below: Reclaimed Softwood Railway Sleeper and Crossing Timber Grading. Grade A A Grade A railway sleeper is a used sleeper in very good condition

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Railway sleepers are used in gardens across the UK for a variety of different horticultural purposes. From creating rustic pathways to long-lasting raised flower beds, these heavy slabs can add a bold and striking feature to any landscape. But what are railway sleepers? Traditionally made from timber, sleepers are the rectangular beams used to support the rails on railroad tracks. Laid. Railway sleepers starting to disintegrate in five years? That's pretty rubbish, isn't it? I thought would last 30 plus years. Even my little planter made of crappy decking boards came with a ten year guarantee. My sleepers are old ones soaked in creosote. I expect them to outlast me, easily. And no, I don't grow veg in them, and have no concerns Unlike softwood sleepers that usually last from 2 to 15 years, oak sleepers are highly resistant to decay and can last for many more years in the right conditions untreated. They also maintain colour, which is great for rustic beds. All of our o ak sleepers are green, untreated and they do not need any treating. The natural tannins in oak are. New Oak Hardwood sleepers add that extra touch of quality and endurance whilst the traditional second hand Railway Sleepers add authenticity. Spring prices for SPRING ESSENTIALS! Shop the range in branch or online today >>

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Your one-stop timber shop. Come and see us for everything you need to complete your timber projects. As well as sheet materials and all styles of decking and fencing, we stock and supply interior trims, mouldings, prepared timber and railway sleepers Pressure treated green to ensure longevity these Sleepers are ideal for garden and landscaping projects. Available in 3 sizes, 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m; 250mm x 125mm x 2.4m; 250mm x 125mm x 3.0m; Buy Online; New Oak Railway Sleepers. Untreated Oak Sleepers with no creosote or tar treatment, good quality rustic Hardwood Sleepers that require no.

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Why Use Gardoo Railway Sleepers? All softwood sleepers are Fsc Certified Timber. From managed & sustainable sources. Gardoo softwood railway sleepers are manufactured true to size 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm. Gardoo's sleepers are softwood and treated to provide long term protection (10-15 years Proponents of timber for railway sleepers have also pointed to the strong second market for disused wooden railway sleepers. There is a booming business for reclaiming used railway sleepers as a hardy material for gardening and landscaping or to use as biomass fuel for cogeneration power plants Reclaimed Grade A Hardwood Railway Sleepers 2.6M Shropshire. £28.80. or Best Offer. 57 sold. Reclaimed Grade A hardwood railway sleepers. £30.00. Collection in person. 30 Reclaimed OAK Railway Sleepers 2600 x 250 x 150 (approx) European grade A/B. £267.00. 16 bids Ending Saturday at 11:09AM BST 1d 17h Collection in person Railway Sleepers. We are able to provide cutting the sleepers. Planters These sleepers stay outside, so they can be a little dirty, but it's easy to clean. It is not french oak, it is hardwood. That is, the tree has appearance, hardness, type and application like oak, but it is a different variety Our range of reclaimed sleepers, softwood sleepers and French oak sleepers are the perfect choice for any garden design, whether you're looking to create a raised flower bed, decking, steps, a water feature or add a lovely finishing touch to the edge of a path or driveway

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The oak sleeper is one kind of wooden sleepers. Hardwood oak railway sleepers are dense, tight grained, and are completely different to light, softwood railway sleepers. Hardwood oak railway sleepers don't have to be treated with either creosote or pressure treatment to prevent them rotting and collapsing like softwood railway sleepers Grade: A-Grade & B-Grade (Used) - per availability. These sleepers are big and solid in appearance, makes for prominent displays of beautifully aged / weathered hardwood of any specification. Top and sides are square, these are used railway sleepers so imperfections from years of use will be present. Log wane & bolt holes may be present Softwood Sleepers, Decking, Fence posts, Constructional Timber, Reclaimed Railway sleepers, Post mix, Composite decking, Deck screws, Feather edge cladding, Oak sleepers, landscape pegs, Planed softwood, Hardwood Decking and artificial grass. Our location & delivery area

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